Introducing…The County 10 Podcast!

Hey 10r’s,

I’m back. I promised new things and I hope we’re delivering for you, our readers, friends and neighbors. Today we’re launching “10Cast,” Fremont County’s only podcast network.


If you’re a hardcore podcast listener, or at least familiar with them – you just got excited. If not, you’ll catch on quick! Podcasts are, essentially, on-demand conversations. Some have fun hosts, others have cool topics, but all are great listening.

Over 18,000 people a day get their news and information from, now we can go deeper and share the lives and conversations behind the stories. All you have to do is click “play” or “download” or if you’re super-savvy, you can subscribe to your favorite podcasts as we roll them out.

Our first show is the County 10 Podcast, hosted by Jerrad Anderson. It’ll publish every weekday, usually in the midmorning and the first episode is ready to roll – just click below. You can listen to me talk about County 10’s mission and whatever the heck this 10Cast thing is on the first episode – it’s a pretty good time 😉

We’ll be adding more shows and functionality to the site, but we just had to get this one out there. We hope you love it and share it and enjoy this next step we’re taking to connect the community.


Listen Now!


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