Introducing St. John’s Health – helping community members live their healthiest lives

    This year, St. John’s set out to evolve their brand to better communicate their role in Jackson and the surrounding communities. It started with the name: from St. John’s Medical Center to St. John’s Health. “Health” speaks to the way the organization helps community members live their healthiest lives — with a focus on keeping them well, not just treating them when sick. Moving away from “Medical Center” also reflects the way St. John’s has grown to serve the community’s needs. No longer just a hospital, St. John’s has national recognition, top talent, a deep connection to the region, and an ever-expanding portfolio of clinical and wellness services. St. John’s Health has more to offer than ever before.

    Along with a change to their name, this brand evolution is an opportunity to reaffirm what St. John’s has always stood for: providing this unique community and its visitors with exceptional and ever-advancing individualized care. Now, the St. John’s Health brand looks, sounds, and feels as advanced, attentive, and community-focused as their care is.


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