Injury Prevention Resources has closed to the public but still available online and by phone

As you may already know, Injury Prevention Resources has closed to the public during this pandemic.  While we are not “open” for business as usual, we are still available to our clients and partners in a number of ways.

We at Injury Prevention Resources realize that through times like these, it can be difficult to maintain sobriety and to stay on the right track.  If you are in need of someone to talk to or to assist you with staying sober, please know and understand that you are supported and that there is help!  AA meetings are now being held online in some cases (check with your sponsors) and our probation agents at IPR are also available to our probationers.  If you are on probation with one of our probation agents, know that they are available to talk to if you need help.  If you have not yet heard from yours, please be patient as we transition from walk-in client appointments to phone appointments.

Our probation agents have a special message as well: “We would like to remind you that this is an opportunity to show your integrity and character, and to hold yourselves accountable.  Decisions you make during this time can and will reflect on future sanctions.  Stay your path, continue putting in the effort you have been.  Please do not take advantage of this time to revert to activities that put you in this situation, to begin with.”  Remember, ALL violations will still be processed.  It may not be now, but it WILL happen.

Regarding the event side of things, in an effort to do our part to reduce the communal spread of COVID-19, we regret to announce that the following Program Events have been canceled:

  • Child Passenger Safety Education Class at the Department of Family Services (scheduled for 3/20/20)
  • HVE at Rock Springs High School (scheduled for 3/27/20)
  • 2020 Life RU Ready for Fremont County Schools (scheduled for 04/21/20 & 04/22/20)

We hope to continue with the bi-monthly Adult Alcohol Education class scheduled for April 2nd at Riverton City Hall, but that will depend solely on community happenings over the next couple of weeks and we anticipate this being canceled as well.  We will update you as things progress through County 10 and our Facebook page.

As always, your safety on the roads is our priority.  Please remember to stay safe, buckle up, and don’t drink and drive.  Drunk driving still kills more people annually than Coronavirus!