Injured hiker rescued from Gannett Peak Wednesday

(Fremont County, WY) – Fremont County SAR called for an agency assist with Sublette County’s Tip Top Search and Rescue (TTSAR) for an injured hiker on the east side of Gannett Peak Wednesday morning, July 6.

According to information released by TTSAR, the man was injured from a fall in a boulder field as he began an ascent of Gannett Peak, and used an Inreach device to notify authorities he was needing medical assistance and evacuation.

Due to the 10,200′ elevation, Fremont County was unable to get to the injured hiker quickly. TTSAR members were paged to fly to the coordinates, and plans had been arranged for the man to be flown directly to the Lander airport where he was to be taken to the Lander Hospital for further care.


“Due to the rocky and tree-filled terrain, Tip Top SAR unloaded two members in Wilson Meadows to walk upstream to the coordinates given,” TTSAR continued. “Upon arrival at the injured party, the bleeding had been controlled and injuries bandaged by fellow hikers. The man was able to walk downstream with assistance to the awaiting helicopter for extrication.”

No other details were released about this rescue.


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