In loving memory, Shilo Two Bulls

Shilo Thomas Two Bulls, Hiisiikosoo (Sunray), was born September 2, 1989 in Lander, Wyoming to Delphine Antelope and Richard Two Bulls. He passed away in Casper, Wyoming at Wyoming Medical Center on April 24, 2023.

Evening services and a wake will start at 7:30 pm at Blue Sky Hall in Ethete, Wyoming on Friday, April 28, 2023. An all night wake will be held at his residence at 320 South 1st Street in Riverton, Wyoming
Funeral services will be at 10:00 am at Blue Sky Hall in Ethete, Wyoming on Saturday, April 29, 2023. Burial will follow at St. Michaels cemetery.

Shilo was a believer and practiced traditional ways.

Shilo went to school at Wyoming Indian, Sherman High School and Lander High School. He received his GED from Central Wyoming College.
Shilo was in the construction trade and was a heavy equipment operator.

Shilo had a great heart and was always wanting to help people. He was someone that you could count on to help out if you were in a bind. He was an avid fisherman and hunter. Shilo was a proud father of his daughter Kayli. She held the biggest piece of his heart. He loved his nieces and nephews and they were a big priority and he took them as his own.

Shilo liked to listen to music, bead, cook, read and go to the casino. His favorite thing to do was to be with his family. He loved spending time with his wife and being in the outdoors.

He is survived by his children Kayli Norse (Two Bulls), Blue Jay Whiteman, Kaiden Whiteman, Sierra Whiteman and Hailey Whiteman. Wife Barbara Strasser Two Bulls. Mother Delphine Antelope and father Richard Two Bulls.
Sisters: Shyleen Two Bulls, Sheyenne Two Bulls, Rochelle Two Bulls, Kenzie Wallowingbull, Angie Wallowingbull, Ta-Shae Sage, Autumn Wallowingbull, Marlene, Wallowingbull, Veronica Amos, Josephina Flores, Marie Willow, LaTerra Duran, Summer Duran, Tasha Osborne, Shawnita Osborne, Nicole Antelope, Marissa Buckman, Anna Buckman.
Brothers: Joshua Wallowingbull, Jesse Ray Willow, Robert Willow, Kenneth Addison, Weston Addison, Orlando Addison, Sheldon Antelope, Dustin Friday, Patrick Duran, Colin Amos, Nathanial Wallowingbull, Clay Osborne, Zachary Osborne, Alex Flores, Steven Amos, Jeff Wallowingbull, Dean Wallowingbull, A.J. Wallowingbull Matthew L. Antelope, Anderson Antelope Jr., Jeston Edmo, Colton Osborne, Bryan Antelope.
Aunts: Darla Amos, Arleen Oldman, Gretta Oldman, Laura Wallowingbull, Barbara Osborne, Stephanie Two Bulls, Beverly Two Bulls- Belt, Pauline Two Bulls, Adrian White Dress, Nicole White Dress, Lanelle Goggles, Cathy Jo Goggles, Patricia Trosper, Donita Standing Elk, Jamey Brown, Colleen Brown, Donna Trosper, Helen Groesbeck, Karen Runs to War, Cheryl Rouillard, Gladys Tidzump, Illa St.Clair, Shannon Rhodes
Uncles: Larry White Antelope, Steven C. Amos, Duane Oldman Jr., Wally Antelope, Truman Trosper, Thomas Osborne, Rafael Flores, Ed St.Clair, Neil St.Clair, Shannon Glenmore, Mylan Glenmore Sr., Stacy Stewart, Stanley GoodVoiceElk, Charlie GoodVoiceElk, Don Roy Titus, Mark Rhodes, Matt Rhodes, Tony Hopper, Brian Rhodes
Grandmothers: Gloria St.Clair, Flora Swallow, Arlene Trosper, Myra Watt, Alvena Oldman, Francis Swallow, Lavern White, Alice Piper, Sandra Osborne
Grandfathers: Keith Chavez, Marty Chavez, Clarence Chavez, Floyd Osborne
Numerous nieces and nephews
To all the extended families of Antelope, Two Bulls, Wallowingbull, Whitedress, Amos, GoodVoiceElk, Titus, Oldman
We apologize for anyone that we have missed.
Shilo is proceeded in death by
Florine Amos, Jesse Amos, Sylvia White Dress, Duane Oldman Sr., Donald Two Bulls, Kenneth Wallowingbull, Anderson Antelope Sr., Selma Antelope, Laurencetta Antelope, Delphine Antelope, Eldon Starr, Lisa Wallowingbull, Chyna Wallowingbull, Patricia Duran, Julianna C’Bearing, Lawayne C’Bearing, Byron Brown

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