In loving memory, Maggie Hutchinson

    Maggie passed away on Sunday, August 13, 2023 in Billings, Montana.

    Maggie was born on May 7, 1977, daughter of Becky Hutchinson. Maggie was raised by Davey and Mary Ella Valdez.

    Maggie was a long life resident of the Wind River Indian Reservation and attended St. Stephens school. She was a loving, caring person and such a joy to be around.

    Maggie enjoyed being around family and friends. She was a Raiders fan and she also loved the outdoors as well as going to the Wind River casino. She dreamed of being a beautician and loved drawing and also enjoyed the art world. She enjoyed listening to her music and hanging out with her niece, Raiel. 

    Maggie is survived by her children, Andy Hutchinson, Lyla Duran, Alexis Hutchinson, and Delmer Duran Jr.; grandson, Legend Journey Brown; great grandma Alvina Friday, grandpa Rawley Friday, Aaron Friday, wife Roxanne Friday, Grandmas Belle Friday, Valerie Ware, Pam Friday, Millie Friday, and April Friday.

    Maggie is also survived by all her sisters and brothers which includes, Ben S. Ridgley and sister Rita Ann Brown whom their children Bylan S. Ridgley and her children include Madison, Angela, Aquinnah. Bennie S. Ridgley and her children include, Mason, Ella, ReAnn.

    Boniface S. Ridgley whom his children include, Kyron, Jayden, and Carson. Brooke S. Ridgley and her children include, Winter, Alexis, Mya, and Willow. Braxton S. Ridgley whom his children include, Evan. Blanche S. Ridgley and her children include, Faylene, and Anthony Isis.

    Brother Lyle Valdez whom his children include, Calley Valdez, and children includes Raiel, Joquin, and Chante.

    Chanice Glenmore and her children include, Tataiyana, Dante, Ciara, and Izaiah.

    Guannah Glenmore C’Hair and her children include, Danaisha, Ayannah, Arius, An’jrue.

    Brother Robbie and Andy Valdez whom their children include, Chaske Valdez whom his children include, Enoch and Aveila. Toni Valdez, Noah Valdez, and Elizabeth Valdez.

    Brother Juan Valdez. Sister Mardell Hutchinson whom her children include Mia Manzanares, Taelynn Manzanares, Cedar, Manzanares, Miracle Love Manzanares, Danial K. Manzanares Jr.

    Brother Earl Hutchinson and companion Missy Gambler including three children.

    Alberta Friday and companion Marcus Friday whom their children include, Aliza Antelope, Lillian Antelope, and Cheslea Hutchinson.

    Maggie was also survived by her aunts and uncles whom include, Rosita Willow and her children include Joan Oldman, and her children include, Richard Whiteman, Drew Chavez, Kianna Hill, Mountain Rain Wallowing Bull, and Tristan Oldman. Aimee C’Hair and her children include, Dale Ray, Jordan, Jaeyden, and Zey C’Hair. 

    Mary Whiteman and her children include, Caleb and Kylee Whiteman. Samantha Friday and her children include, Singing Brooke, Atlee Anntoneya, and Sebastian Kojak.

    Uncle Richie Wallowing Bull, uncle George Dale Wallowing Bull III whom his children include, Jared Wallowing Bull, and his children include, Taleah, Jared Jr., and Jackson Wallowing Bull.

    Josephine Wallowing Bull and her children include, Elianna, Raphael, and Lilly. 

    Tatum and Kaden Wallowing Bull.

    Uncle Patrick Wallowing Bull whom his children include, Clark and Levi Wallowing Bull.

    Aunt Bonnie Jo Wallowing Bull whom her children include, Andy L. Hutchinson and his son Legend Journey Brown, Elsie Mae Marquez and her children include, Eaveza Aragon, Phoenix Marquez, Joey Wallowing Bull, and Whisper Hebah.

    Niece Kaytlynn Hutchinson whom includes her two children.

    Maggie is also survived by, aunts Radene Yellow Bear, Mousie Yellow Bear, Rianna Yellow Bear, Vinny Yellow Bear, Autumn Yellow Bear, Sita Yellow Bear, Jarilyn Yellow Bear, Jason Quiver, Scooby Snacks, Kailani Brown.

    friends and family whom loved Maggie Dearly. 

    Maggie is preceded in death by her parents, Davey and Mary Ella Valdez; Becky Hutchinsoin and two sons, Ed and Chris; Grandpa Burton Hutchinson, Ada Brown Burgess, Earl Hutchinson, Ailene Brown, Maggie Iron Tyler, Josephine Brown, Boniface Brown; sister, Verdonna Valdez, Burton Darrell Hutchinson Jr., Burton Darrell Hutchinson III, Kojak Whiteman, George Wallowing Bull IV, George Wallowing Bull, Curtis Burgess; and friend, Teddy Goggles.

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