In loving memory, George Groesbeck

George Jarvis Groesbeck
Born on December 30th, 1952
Lander, Wyoming
Passed away on October 20th, 2021
Idaho Falls, Idaho

10/29/2021 7:00 PM
Heritage Hall (Fairgrounds)

10/30/2021 10:00 AM
Heritage Hall (Fairgrounds)
*burial to follow at Friday Cemetery*
**feast and giveaway will be held at later date**

George Jarvis Groesbeck, 68, was born on December 30th, 1952 to the late Estelle Friday Groesbeck and the late George Ward Groesbeck in Lander, Wyoming. He spent his early years with his grandparents Effie and Chester Friday Sr. George, graduated from Wyoming Indian High School, and also attended Central Wyoming College.

George worked as a cowboy and a laborer for the Northern Arapaho Tribe. George also worked as a paraprofessional, a coach, and a bus driver at St. Stephens Indian School and Wyoming Indian Schools. George enjoyed rodeoing, playing basketball, and spending time with his grandchildren and great grandchildren, and going to the casino.

George is survived by Marilyn Groesbeck, his sons Nathan (Karlee) Groesbeck, Keenan (Shelly) Groesbeck, Shawn (Sacheen) Brown, Dennison Antelope, and daughter, Kayla Seminole, sisters, Rose Whiteplume, Winnie Dodge, Cora Lamebear, Huberta Dodge, Audra White, Rose Friday, Sherrie Hill, Pam Friday, Marlo Friday, Mona Morgan,Beverly Hurtado, Chris Hill, Marilyn Gambler, Michelle Redcap, Rachel Goggles Holly Aragon, Linda Underwood, brothers, Albert (Janie) Dodge, Lydell Thunder, Sanford (Donna) Friday, Noland (Rae) Friday, Bryan Groesbeck, Bruce Groesbeck III, Butch Ablard, uncles, Hugh Friday, Brian Trosper, Milton Trosper, Gary Goggles, Patrick Goggles, Dean Goggles,Nelson White, aunties, Clarinda Calling Thunder, Janelle Little Bear, Marvene Smith,Linda Hurtado, cousins, Kenzie Groesbeck, Janie Brown, Eleanor Brown, Karen Smith, Helen ReturnsToWar, Cheryl Rouillard, grandchildren, Brett Groesbeck, Isaiah (Jess) Dionne,Vanessa King, Brandi King,Claire Aragon, Julie Spoonhunter, LaNessa Morgan,KJ Groesbeck, William Groesbeck, Kaleb Groesbeck, Kalista (Xavier) Hubbard, Salem Yosnostra, Camellia Brown, Consualo and Calista Yellowbear, Juliana Takeshorse, Ashtin and McTavish Stewart, SwiftColt and SingsLast Groesbeck, great-grandchildrens, Kimimila (Kimmy) Clifford, Brayden Blackbear, Brennan Blackbear, Dante Dionne, Ayden Dionne,Tallula Willow, Brantley Blackbear, Adonis (Kipp) Hubbard, Kayson (Moe) Groesbeck, Wah’NaKcha (Oni) Clifford,Ryker Two

George was preceded in death by parents Estelle and Albert Dodge Sr., George W. Groesbeck, grandparents, Effie and Chester Friday Sr.,sisters Lynell Addison, Reniette White, Bonnie Warren, De’ann Friday, Carrie Underwood,Carleen Hill,Christy Dodge, Sharon Addison, brothers, Stan Friday, Alan Friday, Greg Trosper, uncles Felix Groesbeck, Wayne Friday, Chester Friday, Frank Hill, Willie Trosper, Butch Trosper, Merton Trosper, aunties, Teresa Friday, Irene MountainSheep, Corrine Revere, Elaine Hill, Zette Underwood, Bernie Friday, Vicky Friday, nephew, Michael Hatt Sr., great-grandson Bryant Blackbear. Life long friend Alex Smith and Duane Whiteman.

Extended families; Groesbeck, Fridays, Goggles,Trosper, Amos, Sage, Dodge, Thunders, White.
We apologize to the family if we missed any of our extended family!