Improving Worker Safety and Workplace Performance with Fremont Therapy

Both employers and employees want to know the risk of injury is low and the work environment is safe. Partnering with Fremont Therapy Group can benefit both business owners and their employees to meet these goals through various programs that help reduce injuries, and increase safety and productivity.

Ergonomic assessments are a simple way to ensure workplace safety. Our experts will tour your workplace to identify potential risks that could contribute to employee injuries. Based on their assessments, they will suggest solutions to prevent future injuries.

Todd Comstock, one of FTGs certified KEY Functional Capacity Evaluations explains, “Assessing and modifying employees’ work stations can assist them with proper positioning of their computer monitors and keyboards as well as chair height to maximize their comfort and decrease the risk of injury.  We also give recommendations of proper body mechanics and use of tools and equipment to reduce the possibility of repetitive use and other injuries.”   


Pre-employment Screens help confirm that newly hired employees understand what is physically expected of them and that they can physically perform essential functions safely. Healthy worker audits are another way to ensure employees remain able to safely complete job requirements over time.

In the event an employee is injured at work, a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) can help determine if they are physically ready to return to work based on a series of objective tests that measure their physical capabilities and tolerances. FTG is a certified provider of the KEY Functional Capacity Evaluation program. With this service, we help employers

  • Decrease injury rates & reduce legal liability exposure
  • Reduce Workers Compensation claims & lower Workers Comp insurance premiums 
  • Improve turnover rates
  • Decrease health insurance rates for local companies  
  • Decrease workplace absenteeism

“After conducting an FCE, I’m able to provide valuable and reliable information to the employee, their health care team and their employer, giving everyone peace of mind knowing the employee can safely return to their current job after an injury. Additionally, my KEY certification allows me to offer actionable tips to prevent future injuries at the worksite,” states Racheal Medow, PTA and certified KEY evaluator.

Regardless of the size of your business, partnering with FTG provides a definitive means for enhancing work tolerance and workplace safety, improved employee morale, efficiency and productivity. Call FTG today to see how we can help your workplace become a more safe and efficient environment.

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