Important reminders for Wyoming shed hunters

(Wyoming)– Shed hunting season is opening on May 1st. With regulations lifting this means there are some important reminders and rules when it comes to shed hunting ethically and responsibly.

Wyoming Game and Fish talks about finding antlers that are still attached to the skull. If you find antlers still attached you are required to contact Wyoming Game and Fish law enforcement officials. They will give you the permission to remove it and must have it tagged with an Interstate Game Tag. The opener is on a day when the offices are closed so keep this number handy “Game & Fish law enforcement dispatch at 877-943-3847“. The tags are only 8 dollars, so make sure you are following these rules. It’s easy and inexpensive to do so.

Other important reminders are:

  • Make sure you are familiar with the state regulations for Wyoming. You can find more info here.
  • Do not trespass on someone’s property. Only be on someone’s land if you have permission.
  • Never leave trash or your belongings behind while shed hunting, pack out everything you pack in.
  • There is a shed hunting season for a reason. It is needed to reduce the stress on animals during crucial times.
  • Be respectful of others you encounter out shed hunting it is becoming more popular so there are more people out there at the same time.
  • Be cautious if you approach a carcass, you never know what might be lurking around their food pile.
  • Always carry bear spray

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