Important homeowner to-do’s before the snow flies

    The associates at Bloedorn Lumber – Lander hope you’re enjoying the beautiful fall we’re having!

    We all love talking about pumpkin-carving kits and 2-for-1 pumpkin-spice lattes, but a majority of us forget to discuss those important housekeeping to-dos before the cold settles in. Use the following checklist to prepare for winter – it shouldn’t take up too much time:

    1. Clean gutters and downspouts (estimated time – 10-minutes) – What’s the point in having these if they’re always clogged with leaves, branches, and debris? If water and ice aren’t able to drain, long-term damage can result to your roof and siding.
    2. Winterize exterior faucets and store hoses (estimated time – 30 minutes) – Bloedorn Lumber – Lander recommends storing hoses indoors to extend their life. Winterizing exterior faucets are ESSENTIAL (unless you want a mess on your hands next spring).
    3. Apply weather-stripping and door drafts (estimated time – 30 minutes) – Create a good seal to keep the cool out and heat in. These items can be found at Bloedorn Lumber – Lander.
    4. Store or winterize window A/C units (estimated time – 30 minutes) – Remove and store for winter or purchase insulating wraps or seals to keep cold air out. Items needed can be found at Bloedorn Lumber – Lander.
    5. Complete other annual housekeeping items – Stock up on winter supplies, make exterior repairs, trim trees and shrubs, check household fire extinguishers, and replace smoke / carbon-monoxide detectors.
    No. 1 recommendation for fall/winter prep

    Conduct an attic insulation audit. One of the leading causes of heat loss in a home is due to inadequate insulation. Luckily, ramping up the insulation in your attic can be one of the most cost-effective ways to save money and energy this winter. If you find that your home is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, it may be time to inspect your attic insulation.

    For attic insulation, Bloedorn Lumber – Lander recommends Knauf Jet Stream® blow-in. “It’s a quick and affordable way to fill or go over existing insulation,” explained Blake Herbst, General Manager. It’s so easy to apply and we’ll lend you our blower so you can do it yourself! Otherwise, we can refer you to a trusted contractor that would be happy to install the insulation for you. With the help of Bloedorn Lumber – Lander, adding a little “R-Value” to your attic insulation is a cinch!”

    Bloedorn Lumber – Lander has all the tools and supplies you need to get your home in tip-top shape for winter.

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