Iconic busts from old RHS on the hill heading to the museum

    (Riverton, Wyo.) – The Riverton School Board Tuesday night took action on what Superintendent Terry Snyder said was “historic.” The board agreed to allow two busts from the old Riverton High School on the hill to be donated to the Riverton museum. He said the busts have been stored in the former Tonkin Activities Center swimming pool.

    “These busts are from the old high school that used to stand between the three story structure at Tonkin and the central office,” Snyder said. “These are the busts that used to sit above the doors to the high school.”

    District Attorney Joel Vincent remembered that in the early years of the old school, “the boys lined up in front of the boys door and girls in front of the girls door before entering the building.” He said these were the busts above each of those doors.


    Several members of the current school board attended high school in that old building, before it was taken down when the “new” RHS was built three decades ago.


    View looking west at the former Riverton High School. File photo

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