Ice fishing in Wyoming’s bitter cold temps

Wyoming has been gripped by bitter temps, and for those that enjoy the outdoors, that can be a tough thing to deal with.

This past weekend as we had well below zero temps all across the state, and Charene the Adventure Queen took to the outdoors to do some ice fishing.

February 14th, cold temps blanketed the Cowboy State. There was not one location above 8 degrees in Wyoming, most were below zero with the wind chill. So, how does that impact ice fishing?


Well first off, the bitter temps were actually welcomed by ice fishers. Before this weekend, we were dealing with above-average temperatures causing unsafe ice conditions. The cold temps were needed but it is still a kick in the face when outside. Luckily with the advancements in ice fishing gear, heaters and huts are a necessity.

Charene H
Charene H

What are the pains of ice fishing in temps or conditions like you see above?

The first problem is the amount of snow some areas received. Trying to get your ice hut out there can be the biggest issue which is what we endured. The best tip I have for that – most people probably know already – is to have skis either on the bottom of the sled or on your ice hut. Other issues arise with finding the best spot to go and safest, after an intense amount of snow it looks untouched, which also covers up the old ice holes which can be dangerous. So always being extra cautious is key.

Bitter cold temperatures comes with the danger of hypothermia and frost bite, so having good gear is another important tip while ice fishing in Wyoming during bitter cold weather.

Remember the weather can change quickly so be safe and always contact Wyoming Game and Fish for up to date information on area waterways.


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