Ice fishers can expect good conditions in the Casper region

    (Casper, WY) – The warm weather has ourselves and many anglers wondering how ice conditions will hold up. And it sounds like good conditions can be expected in the Casper area.

    My constant recommendation on ice fishing in Wyoming is to contact the local Game and Fish department where you will be heading. They talk about some decent conditions expected in the Casper area IF the weather cooperates.

    Alcova and Pathfinder should fish the rest of the winter. According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, “we have been stocking a combination of rainbow, Snake River cutthroat, and Bear River cutthroat trout with good results,” also if you are into some pan fish might want to head to Glendo. Side note: the ice at Glendo can be unpredictable, so use caution and check thickness before venturing out.


    We never know what Wyoming will hold as far as weather goes, that is why it is always important to be cautious and try not to go out on the ice alone. Conditions can change quickly but providing another cold spell, areas in Casper should be ice fishing well with stock numbers up.

    ~ Charene, The Adventure Queen


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