“I love it all! St. Margaret’s School is our home!”

    Throughout the summer, Jaxon frequently asked his mom when he would get to go back to school. All the stars lined when Roni made the choice to send her son, Jaxon to St. Margaret’s School.

    “We love it. It’s the best thing that has ever happened, and we’re thankful every day for it.”

    Before school started, Jaxon was shy and withdrawn. Now when Roni drops him off to school in the morning, no matter which teacher is at the entrance, they cheer Jaxon on and welcome him into school.

    Roni appreciates that Jaxon has more individual, one-on-one teaching in the preschool class at St. Margaret’s School. His confidence and social skills have improved.

    “Jaxon is more talkative, he is excited to tell me what he learned in church or about God.” Roni shared. “He knows all his ABCs and colors, he can count to 20, write his name and now he is working on his name in sign language.”

    Ms. Jen is Jaxon’s all-time favorite. “He loves coming to Ms. Jen. If he catches us saying something or doing something at home, Jaxon gets excited and tells us he’s going to tell Ms. Jen,” Roni shared. “She is amazing, Ms. Jen has really helped Jaxon grow and develop, she makes him feel valued.”

    Inspire your child’s faith, embrace their uniqueness and discover a path to excellence at St. Margaret’s School. Classroom space is still available for preschool through 5th grade. Register your child today, by calling 856-5922 or online here. Help your child reach their full potential at St. Margaret’s School and pave the way for their future filled with faith, knowledge and success. For more information visit our St. Margaret’s School or call 856-5922 to make an appointment for a tour.

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