Hudson’s Community Enhancement grant request not moving forward

h/t WBC

At the end of February, County 10 shared the Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors was considering the follow grant request for the Town of Hudson.

Community Enhancement: The Town of Hudson requests a $111,338 grant for the upgrade and renovation of playground equipment and a picnic shelter in the town-owned Svilar Park. A safe, comfortable public place for community members to gather contributes to “place attachment,” which leads to a healthier community.


The Board of Directors decided last week to not move forward with this grant request. Only two of the six grant requests from across the state moved forward to the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) at its 8 a.m. meeting on April 9 in Cheyenne. The SLIB makes final decisions on BRC funding requests.

“We’re looking at it from a business point of view and good stewardship of the state’s money, and to do our best to invest in projects that have a positive ROI,” Dorrell said. “We realize it’s not all about ROI, and we’re not cutting off community development, but we’re going to look carefully at how projects impact the local and state economies.”

“The Business Council Board deliberated on these projects very thoroughly and recommended funding for $303,084 out of the requested $11,329,422,” Board Co-Chairman Mike Easley said. “The Business Council will continue to evolve its process for evaluating projects while keeping in mind its new strategy approved in May 2019, program funding levels, and the collective business experience represented by the Business Council Board.”

“I appreciate the Business Council’s thoughtful consideration of the BRC funding requests,” Governor Mark Gordon said. “Moving forward, it is critical we recognize the limited resources available and the way this program can best support local economic growth.”