Hudson Mayor joins the County 10 Podcast

On Monday, we introduced you to the County 10 Podcast.

Over the last few years, podcasts have become the quickest growing and one of the most popular ways consumers get information and entertainment. As County 10 aims to continue connecting the county and state, we thought podcasts would be a logical choice to give folks a platform to speak to the masses.


Over the next few weeks, months, years, 10Cast will serve as Wyoming’s Podcast Network, providing residents and those that care about our wonderful state, a platform to hear content delivered by many hosts for people in many different walks of life.

We’re excited to tell you about all of the shows we’re working on… but one step at a time.

The first show we rolled out Monday is our flagship podcast, the County 10 Podcast. 

Episode 1 served as an introduction to the project and conversation with new County 10 owner Will Hill.

Episode 2 features Hudson Mayor Mike Anderson and reporter Amanda Fehring.

Anderson spoke on several new infrastructure and business projects in the community of Hudson, gave an update on spring flooding, and told us about a really cool project with Hudson military veterans that’s in the works.

County 10 reporter Amanda Fehring introduced herself (she’ll be a regular on the show) and provided a quick update on a couple big news stories she’s chasing down in Fremont County this week.

On tap for the next few days, we’ll have: Community leaders, local politicians, little league athletes, hot air balloon pilots, rock climbers, reality TV stars, survivalists, County Fair participants, football coaches, authors, artists, business owners, chefs, police officers, firefighters, musicians, educators, okay you get it… everyone that makes Fremont County a great place, we want to talk to them!

And, for the first few weeks at least, we’ll regularly introduce you to a brand new locally produced podcast!

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Have questions, concerns, thoughts? Want to host, appear as a guest, or sponsor a podcast? Shoot us a message: [email protected] 

Listen to Hudson Mayor Mike Anderson here

Listen to County 10 owner Will Hill here