How BMW Cars Conquered the World

    BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, which was the name that this German company adapted in 1922 after it was initially named Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG. In this modern-day and age, you are most likely to spot a nice BMW sedan or SUV on the road as more and more car owners now prefer this car manufacturer over others in the market. In this case, it is a good idea to take a look into how BMW cars conquered the world.

    BMW Origin

    BMW started manufacturing automobiles in the year 1928. Throughout the next decade, the company was able to expand its range into producing sports cars and luxury cars as well. Nevertheless, during the world war, the company put its focus on the manufacture of aircraft engines. It was only after the war, in the year 1948, that the company was able to resume its motorcycle production. From there, the company continued to scale and expand its market into other parts of the world.

    The Truth Behind BMW’s Logo

    Most people think that the logo of BMW depicts a rotating propeller. This is because in 1929 when the company was trying to advertise its aircraft engines, they had an ad that featured an airplane with the logo of the company in its rotating propeller. While the company manufactured aircraft engines during the world war, it is a myth that the logo of the company is based on an aircraft propeller. The truth is that the logo of the company depicts its natural Bavarian heritage wherein the Bavarian flag also features a checkered blue and white pattern.


    The Rise of BMW

    BMW entered the American market in 1975. 45 years later, it has become the top seller of luxury automobiles in the United States. Alongside this, BMW also holds one of the spots in the most valuable car brand list. Because of its popularity to many vehicle owners, as well as those making their first car purchase, the sales of the company rose to 2.5 million dollars in 2019 alone. This is considered to be 1.2% higher than the company’s sales in the previous year.

    To level up their sales, even more, the company is set to release new BMW models that are intended to offer enhanced efficiency. In this case, they are looking into adding a 48V electric boost generator. The company is also set to release electrified and hybrid models that pique the interest of car owners who are significantly concerned about reducing their carbon footprint. Because BMW leverages on the advancements in technology to create more efficient cars, it seems that the future remains bright for the company. These are just some of the reasons why the data collated by Compare The Market Australia shows that BMW is the most searched car brand in the world in 2019.

    There are several car brands out in the market today but BMW still proves to be the leader when it comes to growing interest around their cars. After several decades of operation, BMW still holds a competitive edge because they leverage technological innovations to make their vehicles stand out. Perhaps this is the best time for you to be behind the wheel of a BMW car that will surely take your breath away.


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