How active is Wyoming compared to the rest of the country?

(Wyoming) – Our state has plenty of outdoor recreating opportunities, which we know can be both fun and good for our health.

The website Top Nutrition Coaching recently calculated several different lifestyle factors in each state and ranked the states that are most and least active.

After all of the data was crunched, Wyoming ranked as the country’s 12th most active state.


Specifically, we ranked 9th in the category that considered people who bike or walk to work. 11th overall in physical activity and 15th overall in muscle strength.

Montana and Vermont tied as the nation’s healthiest states overall. Colorado finished 3rd, Alaska 4th and the District of Columbia came in 5th.

Least active states according to the list are Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Alabama and Missouri.

For the full list click here!


Wyoming was just ranked as one of the country’s hardest working states and one of two of our communities ranked as one of the best places in the nation to retire.


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