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Best co-host ever. 🎧

Posted by Jerrad Anderson on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Riverton Rendezvous 2018 features 18 hot air balloons

Ingred Martel's Obsession balloon lifted off into the early morning sun Saturday morning.

The 38th annual Riverton Rendezvous celebration continues into the weekend and will be highlighted by the hot air balloon rally Saturday and Sunday.

18 balloons are expected, weather permitting, to float over Riverton. A “media day” flight is also planned for Friday morning with a few of the balloons. Launch time is roughly 6:00 a.m. each day from the Central Wyoming College Launch Field.

Here is a quick look at the 18 balloons that you can expect to see:

“Starlite” Pilot: Peggy Watson-Meinke from Santa Paula, CA

“Cotton Candy” Pilot: Garry Lockyer from Oliver, BC, Canada

“Emily” Pilot: Dale Ritchie from Golden, BC, Canada

“Woody” Pilot: Jamie Kinghorn from Alberta, Canada

“Hare Raiser” Pilot: Ginger Delaney from Longmont, Colorado 

“Purple Haze” Pilot: John Phillips from Alberta, Canada

“Lighten Up” Pilot: Eric Bogdanowicz from Hayden, Idaho

“Touchstone Energy” Pilot: Mark Sullivan from Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Wooly Bugger” Pilot: Justin Elkins from Helena, Montana

“Glitter & Glow” Pilot: Russ Griffes from Orem, Utah

“Fancy-2” Pilot: Pam Fancy from Loveland, Colorado

“The Lovebirds” Pilot: Maria Chierruzi from Simi Valley, California

“Feelin’ Groovy” Pilot: Ginny Rieger from Sheridan, Wyoming

“Re-Max” Pilot: Ken Tadolini from Denver, Colorado

“Hare Ship” Pilot: Dan and Nancy Griffin from Fort Collins, Colorado

“No Worries” Pilot: Debbi and Don Waltman of Windsor, Colorado

Cloud Kisser II and Cloud Kisser III Pilots: Mike Shelley and Pat Newlin from Riverton, Wyoming 

Lander artist teams up with famous chef to give back

h/t Noelle Weimann Art - Noelle with 'My Apparition'

(Lander, WY) – Local painter Noelle Weimann teamed up with Chef Eduardo Garcia on a fundraiser project for the University of Utah Burn Center. A place that helped them both recover and learn to survive.

On Sunday, February 28th, shirts and hats will become available for purchase on the Traeger Grills website. Both items feature a great horned owl, titled My Apparition, painted specifically for this project by Noelle. 100% of the proceeds go to the Burn Center.

Six years ago, Noelle and her husband Feike van Dijk had their lives turned upside down when they lost two children in a house fire and were on the verge of losing a third. Feike was severely burned and had organ complications from the fire as well.

Their family spent several unimaginable months in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah Burn Center during their recoveries and rehabilitation.

A few years earlier, Eduardo also spent nearly two months in the Burn Center after he was electrocuted while out hiking in Montana. His story is shared through an Amazon documentary called Charged – The Eduardo Garcia Story.

h/t Eduardo Garcia

While their paths did not cross during their time in Salt Lake City, both Eduardo and Noelle participated in Burn Camp – a recovery trip for adults that takes place on the Colorado River once they are healed and out of the hospital.

Half of the people in the burn unit also go on the trip including nurses and psychologists, Noelle noted. “It’s cool to see them again because they are building into your life again in a different way. It’s good for the staff too. They get closure with their patients and experience what they are capable of years later.”

She described the experience as removing your comfort zone and pushing you into connecting with the other survivors on the trip. “This is really where the healing began.”

Connecting Noelle and Eduardo is Brad Wiggins the Burn Center Nurse Manager and Burn Camp Director.

Eduardo is a professional chef and owner of Bozeman-based Montana Mex, which produces a signature line of sauces, seasonings, and avocado oil.

He recently teamed up with Traeger Grills to carry his line of products. They offered for him to take part in their charitable program to raise money for a charity of his choice. He could select an artist and an image to go on t-shirts and hats.

According to Noelle, he knew he wanted to give back to the Burn Center and specifically the Burn Camp.

Eduardo went to Brad to see if he knew of an artist for the charity that had been through the Burn Center. Knowing Noelle and her art, Brad recommended her.

In October 2020, Noelle was contacted to see if she would be interested in teaming up with Eduardo for this Traeger charity.

“I wasn’t incorporating our burn story with my art,” she said. “I was on the edge when I was approached and I wasn’t sure about bringing that into my art. I have tried to keep them separate. I didn’t want to be the mom who lost two children in a small town fire. I wanted to be me, an artist. It was the one thing I felt went unscathed by the fire.”

She agreed to paint.

The parameters for the piece were different than her traditional paintings. One of the main ones being a limited more neutral color palette. If you’ve ever seen Noelle’s work, it’s full of color. Deciding to have a graphic designer take her painting and align it with the printing parameters was the best bet. She limited herself to 4 colors and painted the 2’x3′ canvas.

A two-week deadline for completion was quick. The first seven days were spent with Eduardo trying to decide what the subject should be, she noted. A great horned owl was decided at the eleventh hour leaving only a week to complete this 60-hour piece.

h/t Noelle Weimann Art – ‘My Apparition’

Once the design for print was complete, Noelle took the original to the Chief Washakie Museum where they auctioned it off for an 80% donation to the museum.

The great horned owl has been Edurado’s spiritual mascot. It’s even part of the Montana Mex logo.

Noelle has never really been into painting birds, and her handful of owl encounters have always been more startling than majestic, to say the least.

The title My Apparition comes from many levels, she continued.

“Working with Eduardo has forced me to deal with this dark period in my life. The owl represents these catalysts in life. It’s there, it’s your destiny, it’s your fate, it comes into your life, startles you, and then it’s gone. I realized that is the trauma that follows a lot of burn survivors. A lot of times the heat that burned them happened in a quick amount of time. The exposure to the heat is very fast and it changes your life altogether.”

By supporting this fundraiser and purchasing these items, you are supporting adults who have been hospitalized and are now meeting with their staff again, Noelle explained. “They are learning how to be a survivor and not a victim. This is when the healing starts; you are looking back to the burn community to navigate what your trauma-affected. I’m glad it is as close to Eduardo’s heart as it is mine.”

Starting February 28th, hats and shirts will be available for sale on the Traeger website.

Learn more about Noelle’s work by visiting Noelle Weimann Art on Facebook or Instagram.

Click here to learn more about Eduardo Garcia.

2021 ‘Wyoming Wildlife’ photo contest winners announced

h/t WGFD

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department released their annual Wyoming Wildlife magazine photo contest winners.

The contest categories include Wildlife, Scenic, Recreation, Flora. Check out the WGFD photo slideshow below.

To learn more about the contest, click here.

County 10’s Morning Show plays congratulatory messages for Lander boys swim team {AUDIO}

(Lander, WY) – County 10’s Morning Show on 105.1 JACK-FM helped celebrate Lander Valley High School boys swimming’s 25th consecutive championship earlier this week.

A handful of community members wanted to call the show and congratulate the swim team, you can play those messages back in the player below.

Catch Jerrad & Charene on County 10’s Morning Show weekdays from 6:00-9:00 a.m. on 105.1 JACK-FM!

The voicemail line is always available at 307-240-9924.

Lander’s Sweeney claims 3A wrestling championship; 2 Fremont County athletes finish second

(Casper, WY) – Lander Valley High School star wrestler Jack Sweeney has repeated as state champion in the 182 lb weight class after knocking off Star Valley’s Zachary Patterson in the championship match Friday in Casper.

Meanwhile, Riverton’s Tray Hyatt finished second at 170 and Charles Snyder from LVHS took second in the 126 lb class.

Star Valley claimed a team championship while Douglas took second and Worland came in third. Lander finished 9th overall and Riverton took 14th.

Here’s how Riverton and Lander wrestlers finished as far as the top 6.


2nd Place – Charles Snyder of Lander Valley

Championship match – Jacob Guild (Star Valley) 27-2, Jr. over Charles Snyder (Lander Valley) 27-13, So. (Dec 8-3)


5th Place – Gabe Harris of Lander Valley


2nd Place – Tray Hyatt of Riverton

Championship match – Keegan Gehlhausen (Pinedale) 47-0, Sr. over Tray Hyatt (Riverton) 25-5, Sr. (Dec 9-3)


1st Place – Jack Sweeney of Lander Valley

Championship match – Jack Sweeney (Lander Valley) 36-3, Sr. over Zachary Patterson (Star Valley) 29-4, Jr. (Dec 3-0)


3rd Place – Kaden Gantenbein of Riverton


4th Place – Cody Cunningham of Lander Valley

Full results from the 3A state championship can be found here.

Three Fremont County wrestlers won championships in class 2A Thursday. Results from 2A can be found here.

Fremont Eats: Diving into our local food scene

Fremont Eats Feature

(Fremont County, WY) – Introducing Fremont Eats, a new deep-dive into Fremont County’s surprisingly vast, diverse, and delicious food scene!

Each week the County 10 Morning Show crew will stop into a different spot and tell you a bit more about the story behind the restaurant and, of course, the food!

Our first stop was at Tony’s Pizza in Lander. Charene and Jerrad had the chance to chat with Tony’s owner and pizza master, Adam Kirkpatrick. They discussed the history of Tony’s, pizza philosophy, and how good food can connect our communities.

If you missed that conversation, you can find the full thing by clicking here!

Coming up over the next couple weeks, we’ll highlight both Bar Ten in Riverton and The Private Chef to learn a bit more about how they’re gaining fans one hungry customer at a time.

Let us know who you’d like to see featured soon in Fremont Eats! If you’d like to suggest a restaurant or be featured, contact

#LanderBiz: Used gear store opens March 4th

County 10 Photo - Amber McDaniel

(Lander, WY) – Wind River Rewind, a consignment store for used outdoor gear, opens up on March 4th. Located on Lander’s Main Street there are a variety of items ready to go like clothing, skis, climbing gear, sleeping bags, and much more.

Outdoor enthusiast and owner Amber McDaniel has a passion for used gear. Noting she strongly believes in recycling usable goods rather than sending them to the landfill, helping folks get outside more affordably, and encouraging outdoor activity.

Amber and her super silent business partner found themselves in Lander this past summer and fell in love. After settling in, everything aligned and Wind River Rewind came together in the last few months. Filling a need they saw in Lander.

They hope to see it become a staple in the community.

“Not just as a store but as a resource that serves as a unity for all the different outdoor groups here. We want this to be a place where people can not only sell and buy gear but meet each other, come hang out and have some coffee.”

County 10 Photo – Wind River Rewind

They would also like to collaborate with other local businesses and help support the outdoor community.

Right now, they are taking pretty much anything outdoor-oriented for consignment. If you’ve got some gear collecting dust, take it to Wind River Rewind, 592 Main Street Suite A, and once it sells you will get a percentage.

Learn more about Wind River Rewind by visiting their Instagram, website or Facebook page.

Congratulations, Cheryl! SageWest February Employee of the Month

Photo L to right: Jennifer Hamilton, Chief Financial Officer; Claudine Carrera, Health Information Management Director; and Cheryl Crane, Health Information Management Certified Coder

Congratulations to our SageWest February Employee of the Month, Cheryl Crane, Health Information Management Certified Coder. Cheryl is thorough, efficient, reliable and continually follows up on outstanding items to ensure timely resolution. We appreciate her vast knowledge, accuracy and professionalism.

Congratulations Cheryl, we are proud to have you a part of our SageWest team!

5 Fremont County residents nominated by Governor Gordon

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon

(Cheyenne, WY) – Governor Mark Gordon sent the Wyoming Senate his list of nominees for numerous state offices, boards, and commissions. These nominees are subject to confirmation by the Senate.

Of those nominated 5 Fremont County residents made the list as either reappointed or newly appointed. The local nominees are as follows:


George Larry Krause – Fremont – D


Micah Wyatt – Fremont – I


Eli Bebout – Fremont


Era Aranow – Fremont – D


Jenni Wildcat – Fremont

Note that per state statute, the Investment Funds Committee nominees are appointed by a selection panel and not the Governor. In addition, the Department of Audit director nominee is named by a majority of the Governor, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer. All other nominees are appointed solely by the Governor.

The complete list of nominees may be viewed here.

Cheyenne resident helps reduce dog, cat populations on Wind River Reservation

h/t Yola's Pet Rescue

(Wind River Reservation, WY) – If you partake in Facebook and are a member of the local area classifieds groups such as County 10’s very own 10 Trades, it’s possible you have seen a post about free pet food and help with unwanted pets on the Wind River Reservation from time to time.

Behind those posts is Cheyenne resident Janet Marschner, owner of Yola’s Pet Rescue. Their mission is to do whatever they can to help animals – spay and neuter, rescue, adopt, educate, and work on State policy through the Legislature.

Janet’s work locally began in 2017 after helping with a free spay and neuter clinic on the Wind River Reservation and discovering there was a large supply of puppies that local rescues could not keep up with.

She began by taking unwanted puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats to Cheyenne. Getting them vaccinated and finding them homes.

In September 2020, she began a “big push” for free spaying and neutering to help reduce the growing population. She also started delivering food and dog houses to anyone in need.

“We don’t say no regardless,” Janet said about her pet rescue. They accept all puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats; even if they are injured or ill.

“We do have some limited funds to pay for emergency care if someone needs help.”

The rescue is completely volunteer-driven and privately funded. They do appreciate donations to help with their funding. Adoption fees also help keep them going.

All I want to do is help the animals.

-Janet Marschner

As part of the education side of the rescue’s mission, they are paying for subscriptions to Be Kind magazine for schools. “It teaches children compassion for animals; we are excited about that,” Janet noted.

So far, only Fort Washakie Elementary has taken them up on a subscription. Any Wyoming school interested in getting a subscription can reach out to Janet at the number below.

She has planned to bring a load of food from Cheyenne on Sunday, February 28th, and will be picking up a litter of puppies as well.

She asks that any Wind River Reservation resident with unwanted litters, dogs, or cats text her at (307) 631-3814 and coordinate a pick-up anytime. Those also in need of food or a dog house can text her as well. She can also help coordinate a free spay or neuter.

Sometimes we can’t get there immediately since we all have regular jobs, but we will drive up as soon as possible, she noted.

You can follow along with Yola’s Pet Rescue on the Friends of Yola’s Pet Rescue Facebook group and visit the recently created website here.

You may be wondering about the name Yola – In 2017, Janet adopted Yola from a dying veteran who needed someone to take her as headed into hospice care. This story was featured in The Dodo, an animal-focused online media outlet. Click here to read it.

#Snapped: Snow on the horizon

h/t Jedadiah Meeks

Wind River Country is wild and beautiful – and we get to call it home! Wind River Visitor’s Council is proud to bring you #Snapped photos on County 10. Submit a snap taken in Fremont County by using this form.

Jedadiah Meeks sent in these amazing photos of the Wind River Range!

Thanks for sharing, Jedadiah!

Today in the 10 | February 26, 2021

County 10 COVID-19 Updates

Upcoming Events

Job Listings in Fremont County

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🏡 Real Estate Listings sponsored by RE/MAX All-Star, Realtors

  • 348 Wood Lander, WY 82520 | Come see this extremely charming and well-kept bungalow style home with an updated kitchen, original charming hardwood floors, clawfoot bathtub, an open floor plan, and an abundance of natural light before it is gone! | Watch the 3D Virtual Tour | $259,000

🍿 Here’s what’s playing at Barry Cinemas

  • Gem in Riverton- Tom & Jerry, Blithe Spirit, Wonder Woman 1984, The Croods: A New Age
  • Grand in Lander– The Marksman, Saturday Mystery Movie Matinee @2p, Sunday Mystery Western @ 3p
  • Click here to view showtimes or call the theater at 856-9589

#Littles brought to you by SageWest Health Care 😍

Congratulations to the families of these new #littles!

Submit your own Birth Announcement here.


Looking for the Arrest Report? It’s moved. 
Find it on our new Arrests page.

#Lookback: A Brief History of Coffee

A County 10 series in partnership with the Fremont County Museum System
where we take a #Lookback at the stories and history of our community and
presented by Mick Pryor, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones.

Coffee has been used for centuries to keep people caffeinated.  An Ethiopian legend describes the discovery of the high dose of caffeine in coffee by a goat herder named Kaldi.  One day, Kaldi went to tend to his goats and found them full of energy after eating the fruit from a coffee shrub.  Curious, Kaldi decided to try the red fruit for himself and had a similar reaction.  Later, a monk witnessed Kaldi’s strange behavior and took some of the red coffee fruit back to his monastery to share with his fellow monks.  After eating the fruit, the monks spent the night awake and alert.

Before the coffee bean was roasted, there were several different uses for the coffee fruit.  First, the red fruits were mixed in with animal fat to create a snack bar. At some point, the fruit was crushed into a pulp and fermented to make wine.  Around 1000 A.D., another drink was created using the whole fruit including the seeds.  In the Middle East during the 13th Century, the coffee bean was roasted and created the modern coffee drink we know today.  The process of roasting the coffee bean made the seed infertile, so the coffee plant only existed in the Middle East and Africa until the 1600s.

During the 1600s, coffee was spread throughout Europe by their interactions with the Ottoman Empire.  The Ottoman Empire began drinking coffee after the Governor of Yemen, Ozdemir Pasha, brought the beverage to Istanbul in 1555, after enjoying the beverage while stationed in Yemen.  Holland, however, was introduced to coffee a little differently than the rest of Europe.  Holland was introduced to coffee via trade with Yemen.  Then, in 1616, the Dutch began planting coffee in the first European-owned coffee farm in Sri Lanka. 

The first possible time that coffee could have been introduced to America was when Captain John Smith helped found Jamestown in 1607, because he had knowledge of the drink from his travels to Turkey.  It is believed that coffee first came to America when New York was known as New Amsterdam and under Dutch control.  It is possible that the Dutch began importing and selling coffee in New Amsterdam as early as 1640, but it does not appear that the Dutch West India Company brought coffee with them when they founded their colony on Manhattan Island.  There is also no record of coffee brought over on the Mayflower.  The first official reference to coffee was not until 1668, after the English took over New Amsterdam and renamed it New York City. In 1696, the first coffeehouse was established in the America.  The coffeehouse was called the King’s Arm and is believed to have been located on what is now Cedar Street in New York City.  After the King’s Arm, coffeehouses were established in most of the major cities in New England.

In the 1700s, Europeans also began establishing coffee plantations in North America.  In 1714, the Dutch presented Louis XIV, the King of France, with a young coffee tree from their plantation located in Indonesia on the island of Java.  This sapling was planted in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.  Later in 1723, Gabriel du Clieu, brought a sapling from the tree in the Jarden des Plantes to the island of Martinique in the Caribbean.  From there, coffee farms were established across the Caribbean, to Central America, and to South America.  In 1727, the Portuguese brought coffee saplings from French Guyana to Brazil, which is now the largest producer of coffee in the world.

At the beginning, coffee was not the preferred drink among the colonists.  Tea was still the beverage of choice until the British imposed a tax on tea. In 1767, Charles Townshend proposed the Townshend Revenue Act.  This act placed duties on goods imported to the colonies, including tea, to pay the salaries of royal colonial governors.  Ever since the passing of the Stamp Act back in 1765, colonists had developed resentment to all new taxes.  To express their resentment, the colonists boycotted many of the goods taxed by the Townshend Revenue Act.  So, in 1770, most duties from the Townshend Act were repealed.  However, the tax on tea was retained.  Although some colonists went back to drinking tea, many colonists continued to boycott tea.  Some colonists refused to drink tea, but some decided to drink smuggled tea from Holland.  The consumption of smuggled tea hurt the East India Company, which had been struggling financially.  The East India Company was an integral part of Britain’s economy, so, the Parliament passed the Tea Act in 1773.  This act allowed the East India Company to ship tea directly to America without landing it in England.  The Tea Act lowered the price of the East India Company’s tea because they did not have to pay additional duties in England before shipping to the colonies.  However, the Tea Act also cut out colonial merchants from the picture, which further angered the colonists.  In addition to many other forms of protest, the colonists began drinking coffee instead.  So, coffee became the drink of choice in New England.

By the end of the 18th century, the coffee industry was flourishing.  Coffee even began to be rationed to soldiers in the military to replace rum and brandy.  After the military started rationing coffee, importation of coffee increased from 12 million pounds to 38 million pounds per year.  The consumption of coffee continued to rise in the United States.  In 1850, the first company to commercialize and mass produce coffee was founded in San Francisco.  The company was called Pioneer Steam Coffee and Spice Mills.  To help the company build a mill to grind their own coffee, Pioneer Steam Coffee and Spice Mills hired J.A. Folger as a carpenter.  J.A. Folger saved enough money to eventually buy some shares in the company. By 1865, Folger had become a full partner in the company.  In 1872, he bought out the other partners and renamed the company to J.A. Folger and Company, which is a brand that many coffee drinkers still have in their cabinets today. 

In 1966, the first Peet’s Coffee was founded by Alfred Peet in Berkeley, California.  Peet’s eventually grew to become the first major coffee chain in the United States.  Today, Peet’s Coffee has more than 200 locations in 11 states.  Peet’s Coffee even inspired others to establish their own coffee chains.  Alfred Peet taught Jerry Baldwin about the coffee trade.  Later, in 1971, Jerry Baldwin, along with Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegl, founded the first Starbucks at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Next up for the Fremont County Museums

March 3rd 6pm at the Riverton Museum “Women in Wyoming” by Linsey Linton (via Zoom)

              Wyoming Community Bank Discovery Speakers Series

April 7th 6pm at the Riverton Museum “Seed Starting with the Riverton Garden Club”

              Wyoming Community Bank Discovery Speakers Series

April 17th 2-4pm at the Riverton Museum “Seed Starting for Children”

              Bailey Tire/Pit Stop Children’s Exploration Series

Joe Scheuerle Art Exhibit: “Native Americans of Wind River Country”, 9-5 Monday-Saturday Pioneer Museum Lander             Handle with Care: Art Moving

The Dubois Museum, the Pioneer Museum in Lander and the Riverton Museum are seeing significantly decreased visitation this summer as a result of Covid-19.  As a result, the self-generated revenue we rely so heavily on to make ends meet is not keeping pace.  We are counting on private donations to continue to maintain successful and engaging museums during this time.  We urge you to make a tax deductible contribution to be used specifically for the benefit of the museum of your choosing by sending a check to Fremont County Museums 450 N 2nd Rm 320 or taking it directly to the museum you choose to support. 

Fremont County Arrests: February 26, 2021

Below are the most recent arrest reports from Fremont County law enforcement agencies. They are produced directly from publicly available reports provided by each agency. Questions or comments about the reports should be addressed with the appropriate agency.

Charges are subject to change following official filing from the Fremont County Attorney’s Office.

All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

Fremont County Sheriff’s Office

43-year-old male, Sweetwater, OK, Sexual Assault in the 1st Degree, Sexual Abuse of a Minor in the 2nd Degree (X5)

Vincent, Lisa, 50, Riverton, Court Ordered Arrest


Lander Police Department

No arrests reported

Riverton Police Department

Barrett, Lisa, 33, Riverton, Probation Revocation

Belus, Clayton, 27, Arapahoe, Possession of a Controlled Substance, 4 Fremont County Warrants

MacManus, Stacy, 36, Arapahoe, Possession with intent to manufacture/deliver controlled substance, Fremont County Warrant

Ice fishers can expect good conditions in the Casper region

Charene H

(Casper, WY) – The warm weather has ourselves and many anglers wondering how ice conditions will hold up. And it sounds like good conditions can be expected in the Casper area.

My constant recommendation on ice fishing in Wyoming is to contact the local Game and Fish department where you will be heading. They talk about some decent conditions expected in the Casper area IF the weather cooperates.

Alcova and Pathfinder should fish the rest of the winter. According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, “we have been stocking a combination of rainbow, Snake River cutthroat, and Bear River cutthroat trout with good results,” also if you are into some pan fish might want to head to Glendo. Side note: the ice at Glendo can be unpredictable, so use caution and check thickness before venturing out.

We never know what Wyoming will hold as far as weather goes, that is why it is always important to be cautious and try not to go out on the ice alone. Conditions can change quickly but providing another cold spell, areas in Casper should be ice fishing well with stock numbers up.

~ Charene, The Adventure Queen

Phoenix, Cougars, Chiefs, Wranglers out to early leads in Mascot Challenge Elite 8

(Fremont County, WY) – The 2021 County 10 Mascot Challenge’s Elite 8, or second round, opened Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. and we’re off to some interesting starts.

Just like we saw in the round one, the Frontier Phoenix are making a lot of noise. The After three hours of voting, the Phoenix had a 98%-2% lead over the Dubois Rams.

Wind River’s Cougars are also strong out of the gate with 86% of the vote in their match-up with the Arapaho Charter Warriors.

Shoshoni’s Wranglers lead heavily over the Riverton Wolverines early with 83% of the overall vote.

And, the Wyoming Indian Chiefs Vs. Pathfinder Panthers match-up couldn’t be closer. Right at the 3-hour mark, the Chiefs led 52%-48%.

Voting continues through Tuesday at noon! Click here to vote or check out the constantly-changing Mascot Challenge standings!

The Mascot Challenge is presented by Gales Carpet One in Riverton and Altitude Interiors in Lander.

Crash reported on Burma Road Friday morning

UPDATE @ 2:15 pm: The roads have reopened, according to scanner traffic. County 10 will provide additional information once released by law enforcement.

UPDATE @ 12:17 pm: The area roads remain closed as law enforcement remains on scene. No estimated time of reopening has been provided at this time. We will share an update when the roads open.

(Riverton, WY) – A one-vehicle rollover in the area of Burma Road and WY-134 (Missouri Valley) was reported around 10:30 am today, according to scanner traffic.

The road is being shut down at the highway and no thru-traffic will be allowed on Burma. Find an alternative route to allow emergency responders to assist.

County 10 will keep you updated as information is released.

Wyoming is one of the ‘nerdiest’ states in the country

Getty Images

(Wyoming) – There are always new surveys and data coming out about the Cowboy State. A new publication showing how nerdy each state is, may have you surprised where Wyoming landed.

This comes from showing which states are considered the ‘nerdiest’. How did they measure the makings of a nerd? Is it glasses, dungeons and dragons…maybe braces? Sure enough the folks at Zippia used things like:

  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Dungeons Dragons
  • Live action role-playing game
  • Harry Potter

With those hobbies in mind, where did Wyoming rank as far as nerd states? Well, not as nerdy as most of our neighbors with Colorado coming in at 8, Idaho at 4, Montana at 12, while South Dakota is way at the bottom and much less nerdy then the rest.

Wyoming ranked at number 14 overall.

March 1st Wyoming hunting license application deadlines fast approaching

h/t Food from the Field

(Wyoming) – Application deadlines are important to keep tabs on and Wyoming Game and Fish provide a great resource online to be able to check those out, find more here. What application deadlines are coming up on March 1st?

Moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat are all up on March 1st so if you want to apply you better do so quickly. Then, on May 6th you will find out if you got a tag or not!

Other notable application deadlines are antelope, deer, elk and fall turkey is on June 1st, and bison is March 31st.

If you are a hunter or know someone who is, they may want to check out the Wyoming Hunt Planner from Wyoming Game and Fish.

Four Fremont County 1A/2A basketball teams qualify for state tournament

St. Stephens Indian School

(Fremont County, WY) – Regional basketball tournaments across the state look considerably different this year with both changes in venue and schedule.

Perhaps the most stark difference is the “one loss and done” rule this year. Normally, teams who lose their first game at regionals have an opportunity to play back into a state qualifying game in a double-elimination style tournament. Not this year.

Fremont County teams that won their opening game Thursday and qualify for state include;

  • Wyoming Indian Girls
  • Shoshoni Girls
  • Wind River Boys
  • Dubois Boys

Play from regionals continues Friday and Saturday for winning teams. Brackets and details can be found here.

When state seeding and match-ups are set, County 10 will update with details!

Snow likely across western half of Wyoming Friday

National Weather Service Riverton, WY

(Wyoming) – Another round of snowfall is likely today throughout western Wyoming, including sections of Interstate 80 and South Pass.

The Jackson-area will likely see the most accumulation, around 4 inches.

Southwest Interstate 80, including Evanston, could see 2 inches of new snow Friday afternoon into the evening.

This new snow could impact travel conditions. For the latest follow WYDOT here.

For the latest Wyoming weather, follow NWS Riverton!