“Hiccups. Of all the reasons to go to the ER… and they didn’t even laugh at me!”

I had two days of hiccups, which I’ve never had before by the way… I know, weird right? What person has never had the hiccups?! But after two days, the hiccups started getting progressively worse. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t catch my breath. I felt like I was underwater and couldn’t breathe. Of all things, hiccups were starting to concern me.

And my wife was even more alarmed. She’s an RN and despite my resistance she convinced me to let her take me to the hospital. Truthfully, I hated the idea of going to the ER for hiccups. It all sounded so childish.

And wouldn’t ya know it? By the time they signed me in and I was admitted to the ER the hiccups quit! But we were already there and met with Dr. Clifford anyway. Clifford and the nursing staff were incredibly nice. At the time I thought I was getting special treatment because they knew my wife but as it turns out, that’s just how they treat people.

I felt like a long-time friend, like a family member. Dr. Clifford was amazing, I had his full and complete attention which I was not expecting from an ER doctor.

Although my hiccups had subsided, the doctor was still able to diagnose me. It was a perfect storm of causation and my body’s reaction was a surprise to us both. Thankfully, it was nothing serious and my wife and I went away happy. It was definitely worth a visit.

And they didn’t even laugh at me! Hiccups of all things, I was sure they would have felt like I was wasting their time. It was the exact opposite. Dr. Clifford cared enough to give a full explanation and help me understand why this had happened. It was the best care I have ever had!

Bob Cecrle chooses SageWest because…

I had a wonderful experience. I cannot say enough good about Dr. Clifford and the nursing staff at SageWest.

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