#helpatourist: Wind River Country- More than a Summer Destination

Wyoming’s Wind River Country has a lot to offer through the winter months, perks we locals love. These are also perks the Wind River Visitors Council (WRVC) is dedicated to sharing with travelers to support our tourism economy and our businesses year-round.

With each season Wind River Country enjoys, and with each attraction Wind River Country holds, the WRVC uses lodging tax funds to promote Wind River Country broadly and to niche audiences, for example winter adventurers. Though Fremont County residents don’t see many of these marketing efforts because they aren’t directed locally, the people who subsequently come to Wind River Country do. Targeting niche markets like snowmobilers benefits our economy year-round and long-term.

To this end, WindRiver.org has a sister website, SledWyoming.com, and a winter-sports-focused marketing plan. In the coming months, the approximately 650 subscribers to the Wind River Country Winter Sports enewsletter will be directed to SledWyoming.com for winter vacation and adventure planning and given inspiration for their travels to the area.

Additionally, SnoWest Magazine will point its readers to the SledWyoming.com site through our advertising and content.

Finally, the Wyoming Office of Tourism will also direct travelers to Wind River Country this winter. WOT will share stories about where to stay and what to experience in the state during the winter months. A cooperative mailing and amplified story with the Wyoming Office of Tourism and Madden Media will both generate leads for the WRVC to contact and inspire to visit.

The travel and tourism industry serves Fremont County in numerous economic ways. That impact lasts year-round, and the WRVC strives to match it with year-round work that benefits local businesses and communities.

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