#helpatourist: Ambassador Profile- Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey owns Bailey Tire and Auto Services in Wyoming’s Wind River Country. His business is dependent upon travelers, and he knows the value of making a warm impression on visitors. Mike demonstrates how to be an ambassador by helping tourists. In turn, he helps his town.

Jennie Hutchinson of the Wind River Visitors Council sat down with Mike for a chat about the travel and tourism industry.

What does tourism mean to you?

The more we can get tourists to visit Riverton and surrounding area buying gas, getting their cars fixed, eating in restaurants, staying in hotels, the more we do to support our economy. It’s what we all survive on. It’s huge to get those tourism dollars coming through the county.

In my line of work, we help people that break down. We have an opportunity to make a good impression. There’s nothing worse than being stranded in a strange town. The better we can treat those folks and get them back on the road doing the things they want to do, the better impression we’re going to leave of Riverton and they are more likely to come back and tell their friends.

How can you be an ambassador? Tell people about the seven driving tours maps produced by the Wind River Visitors Council—they can pick one up at any of the chambers of commerce in Fremont County.

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