Every summer, the Wind River Visitors Council publishes reminders for locals to be ambassadors to our visitors. You’ve probably seen the ads: Yellow banners with the phrase “Help a tourist, help your town,” are always featured prominently.

Hopefully, by this time you understand why it’s important to your community that you help tourists. (Remember, they spent over $131 million last year in Fremont County.) So the next question is: How can you help tourists have a great experience so they stay longer or come back?

Here are a few suggestions:

1) Ask them what they’re interested in. This will help you think of an activity, event, or attraction suited to them.

2) Direct visitors to your favorite hike, restaurant, museum, or store. A personal vote of confidence goes a long way, and it helps your friends and family who work at those places!

3) For more ideas, send them to windriver.org for driving tours, itineraries, featured events, and local businesses. You may also want to check it out to find new tips to share!

4) Invite them to check out all the special events going on right now at https://windriver.org/events/

5) Suggest they follow Wyoming’s Wind River Country on Facebook or Instagram for inspiration and the latest on upcoming events.

6) Send them to the nearest chamber of commerce to pick up materials like the 7 Self Guided Driving Tours, Wind River Country Visitors Guide, or Wind River Reservation Driving Tour.

7) Make them feel welcome! The more welcome guests feel, the more likely they are to spend a little extra time here and spend money on a meal, souvenir, or another overnight.

What do you tell guests to do when they’re here? Comment on the Wind River Visitors Council page to share ideas!