Help a tourist. Help your town.

    Wind River Country is a diverse landscape made up of mountains, rivers, lakes, and badlands. In many ways, it’s unlike any other place on earth, which is why people from all over the world stop to visit. With lots of tourism and so much to offer, the need arises for locals to become ambassadors.

    Ambassadors act as the representatives of the area. They’re the local experts. They love their homeland and seek to actively promote it. Ambassadors invite the curiosity of outsiders and go out of their way to make them feel welcome and informed.

    During this tourist season, we’re calling on locals to become ambassadors of Wind River Country.


    Here’s what Wind River Country ambassadors have to say about the value tourism brings to the area:

    “Everyone has been a tourist at some point in their life. I would encourage people to welcome visitors and give them great memories because they support our community and our way of life.” 

    Julie Gerona
    Executive Director, Headwaters Arts and Conference Center

    “Your friendly smile, assistance with directions, and recommendations to tourists help drive our economy. The Dubois Chamber of Commerce would like to say a big thank you in advance to all Dubois residents for your kindness to our tourists this busy summer season.”


    Jennifer Marshall-Weydeveld
    Executive Director, Dubois Chamber of Commerce

    “Through tourism, we have the opportunity to share experiences in the wild and the values surrounding wildlife and land conservation.”

    Sara Bridge
    Executive Director, National Bighorn Sheep Center


    “We love sharing the history of the Upper Wind River Valley with tourists. Tourism helps make it possible to maintain historical artifacts and improve our museum’s exhibits.”

    Johanna Thompson
    Site Director, Dubois Museum & Wind River Historical Center

    “Outdoor recreation opportunities in our area are unmatched. Let’s be courteous to those who come from far away to recreate in our great land.”


    Darren Calhoun 
    Owner, Wind River Canyon Whitewater & Fly Fishing

    “Within the last two years of lost business, it’s more important now than ever to work together as one economy to capitalize on our greatest asset. Tourists spend locally, lodge locally, and provide a boost to our local businesses.”

    Devin King
    Director of Sales, Holiday Inn Riverton

    “Tourism equals opportunity. Opportunity to extend hospitality to others; the opportunity to showcase Wyoming by sharing its culture and beauty; and opportunity to benefit from the added resources that tourists share.”

    Janet Winslow
    Owner, Belles & Beaus

    “Thriving communities support tourism. As we showcase the beauty of Wind River Country, we welcome visitors to support local businesses, shops, and hotels. Tourism is economic development in action.”

    Kyle Butterfield
    Public Works Director, City of Riverton

    “Helping your neighbor is part of the Cowboy Code, and tourists are our short-term neighbors. They eat with us, spend money with us and travel to see us. Let’s follow the Code and help our neighbors.”

    Kip Post
    Riverton President, Central Bank Trust

    “We love the tourists that travel through Lander. Tourism is a vital part of our local and state economies, and it’s fun to share our little slice of heaven with our visitors. Tourism brings valuable dollars to our community and employs many of our residents.”

    Krista Lobera
    General Manager, Holiday Inn Express & Suites – Lander

    “Tourism is extremely beneficial to Fremont County. Tourism spending creates an economic boost to our local businesses and economy. It connects people with places and activities. It creates a sense of culture between tourists and locals.”

    Brian Rohrbacher
    President, Atlantic City Federal Credit Union

    “People from around the world know about our wonderful state, and they want to travel here. Tourism is a way for our state to meet its needs while giving visitors the vacation of a lifetime.”

    Helen Gordon
    Parish Administrator, Trinity Episcopal Church

    “Tourism enhances the feeling of pride that we have for our community. It drives us to maintain our recreational spaces and keeps our history and culture alive. This attracts travelers, who help to sustain local entrepreneurs.”

    Lori Hunter
    Owner, Rebound: The Art of Repurposing

    “Tourism is an invitation to learn more about community, place, and people. It’s vital to Wyoming and also to the Wind River Reservation. So let’s continue to create and build these key invitations.”

    Jordan Dresser
    Chairman of the Northern Arapaho Tribe

    Welcome travelers and encourage them to have a fun, safe time. Local businesses depend on responsible visitation.

    Information provided by the Wind River Visitors Council.


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