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The Wyoming Highway Patrol issued a statement Tuesday morning about a phone scam being reported in several parts of the state. The scammers are requesting money, saying they are from the Highway Patrol. WHP is reminding the public that they, nor any law enforcement agency, will ask for money over the phone.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol has recently been notified of a phone call scam circulating. Scammers are contacting the public stating a relative has been in a motor vehicle crash and arrested for driving while under the influence while stating the relative needs cash for bail and attorney fees. The phone number the callers are calling from are being replicated (spoofed numbers) to look like they are coming from a legitimate law enforcement office in Dubois, Wyoming, other parts of Wyoming, and surrounding states.  

The Wyoming Highway Patrol would like to remind the public we have not, and will not request any payment over the phone.  We encourage anyone who may have received questionable phone calls soliciting funds to contact your local law enforcement or government agency to verify the information you may have received.