#HeadsUp: WY 22 Teton Pass remains closed due to roadway that has ‘catastrophically failed’

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    WY 22 Teton Pass roads remain closed today, June 8, due to a portion of the roadway that has “catastrophically failed,” in addition to removing debris from the other areas caused by yesterday’s mudslide.

    The current estimated opening time is unknown.

    The WYDOT Teton County Facebook page shared the following message about the closure:

    The roadway at milepost 12.8 on Teton Pass, has catastrophically failed, and a long term closure is expected. WYDOT crews, along with contract crews from Evans Construction, were working in the area to construct a detour around the damage, but the landslide continued to move, taking out the whole road. No crews were hurt in the process, and no equipment was damaged. WYDOT is now reviewing a long term solution and repairs, and more information on planning efforts will be available soon.

    In addition, the mudslide at milepost 15 on Teton Pass, has breached the roadway with mud and debris, overwhelming the channeled drainage ditch and culvert. Crews are working on clearing the mud and debris this morning.

    For the most up to date road conditions for that area, click here.

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