#HeadsUp: Wildfire safety this 4th of July

County 10 Photo - Grass fire

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Fremont County is looking at warm temperatures for the next seven days. A reminder that fireworks are only legal in Riverton and Lander on July 4th. Please exercise caution when lighting them off.


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BLM Shares the following:

Warming conditions call for wildfire safety this 4th of July

Summer sunshine and blue skies make this time of year ideal for camping and outdoor activities. With Independence Day approaching, the Bureau of Land Management asks that everyone exercise wildfire safety while enjoying public lands. Each year, wildland fires cause significant property damage and consume millions of acres of grazing and forage.

“Despite the wet spring in parts of Wyoming, warming temperatures can dry out grasses very quickly. An improperly extinguished campfire or unattended grill can easily ignite a wildfire,” said Paul Hohn, BLM Wyoming State Fire Management Officer. “Also, remember that fireworks are not permitted on BLM-administered lands.”

“The penalties for using fireworks on public land can go beyond a citation and fine,” continued Frank Keeler, BLM High Desert District Fire Management Officer. “A person found responsible for starting a wildland fire may also be held responsible for suppression costs and damages. In the interest of public safety, please use fireworks responsibly in designated areas within your community.”

Please follow these simple rules to keep you and others safe as you enjoy your public lands over the 4th of July weekend.


  • Check for local fire restrictions.
  • Clear away grass, leaves and other debris within a 10-foot perimeter of any campfire.
  • Have a responsible person in attendance at all times.
  • Ensure all campfires are completely extinguished before leaving.
  • Never leave a lit barbeque grill unattended.
  • Always be sure children are supervised by a responsible adult.


  • Tow safely: Dragging chains will throw sparks.
  • Be wheel safe: Check tire pressure before leaving home.
  • Brake check: Make sure all trailer brakes are working properly.

While overall wildfire activity has been low on BLM Wyoming-administered lands this spring, special fire restrictions can go into effect at any time, and year-round restrictions remain in place. Year-round restrictions include not using or discharging fireworks; not discharging a firearm using incendiary or tracer ammunition; and not burning, igniting, or causing any tire, wire, magnesium, or any other hazardous explosive material to burn. You also must have properly installed spark arresters on any off-road vehicles to legally operate them on BLM-administered public lands.

For the most up to date fire conditions and restrictions, visit BLM Wyoming’s web page at www.blm.gov/wyoming-fire-restrictions, and follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/BLMWyoming and Facebook at www.facebook.com/BLMWyoming.