#HeadsUp: Waterline beak reported at 2nd and Cliff in Lander

    This #headsup is brought to you by Bailey’s Tire and Auto Service.

    (Lander, WY) – A waterline break has occurred at 2nd and Cliff. Customers in the area may have interrupted service or observe lower water pressures than normal.

    Thank you for your patience while crews work to make repairs over the next few days. Please use caution as you drive in the area.

    Please do not drive through coned areas with work crews as it is a safety hazard.

    If you observe water main breaks around town, please call City Hall at 332-2870 x113 and leave a message. To report water breaks or sewer backup emergencies after hours, please call City Hall at 332-2870 and press the # key.

    We have continued to experience water main breaks. Please continue to run your water and we will notify you when it is safe to stop.

    Running a stream of water the size of a pencil lead is all that is necessary, in most cases.

    If you have a shallow water service line or have had problems with your residential water freezing in the past, you should run water to avoid freezing pipes.

    Please do not be fooled by warmer days, we still have reports of water main breaks and frozen service lines. Running water helps keep your service line open and the water main flowing.

    Please remember, the City of Lander increased the winter water base rate allowance to 8,000 gallons earlier this year.

    Special Water Allowance

    4,000 gallons base rate

    2,000 gallons winter water allowance

    2,000 gallons additional winter water allowance

    8,000 gallons new winter base rate

    Your bill will show that your standard base rate of 4,000 gallons has been increased to 8,000 gallons at no additional charge during this time. This is for all residential customers with a 5/8″ meter. This does not apply to trailer parks or apartment houses that run through a master meter and do not get an individual bill.

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