#HeadsUp: Level 1 chain law in efect for WY 28 South Pass roads – April 25

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UPDATE: As of 1:00 PM, the “No Unnecessary Travel” advisory has been lifted, but the chain law is still in effect.

UPDATE: There is now a “No Unnecessary Travel” advisory for the mentioned areas.

(Fremont County, WY) – WYDOT has shared that Level 1 chain laws are in effect for WY 28 roads for April 25, according to WYDOT/wyoroad.info.

The chain law is in effect for areas “Between the Fremont/Sublette Cty Line and Atlantic City Rd.;” “Between Atlantic City Rd and Mile Marker 63, Westbound Closure Gate;” and “Between Mile Marker 63, Westbound Closure Gate and US 287 / WY 789.”

Conditions are listed as “Slick with snowfall.”

A Level 1 chain law is defined as when “conditions are hazardous, travel can be restricted to: vehicles equipped with tire chains; or vehicles with adequate snow tires; or all-wheel-drive vehicles.”

For road conditions in other parts of Fremont County and surrounding areas, click here.

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