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Authorities across Fremont County have reported several cases of packages and mail being stolen recently from front porches and mailboxes.

These calls are consistent with a nationwide trend of thieves stealing deliveries more often, closer to the holiday season.

Here are a few quick tips on preventing your deliveries from getting stolen.

  • Enlist a neighbor or friend to get packages if you’re not available to pick them up quickly
  • Install a storage container – there are several products on the market that allow drivers to scan the barcode of the package, then place it in an item that locks immediately after it’s scanned
  • Security cameras – the threat of a camera deters most thieves, but even if your packages still are stolen, at least you can see review what happened
  • Have packages delivered to your office – If your company will let you, have them delivered to the place you spend most of your daytime
  • Tracking numbers/Deliver alerts -Signing up for delivery alerts or keeping track of your tracking number helps you to know exactly when your package should arrive
  • Amazon Key – This is a fairly pricey setup, but Amazon sells a product that allows delivery drivers to place packages just inside of your door
  • Require a signature on delivery – It may not be as convenient, but it does require someone to actually answer the door rather than the delivery driver just leaving packages on your front step
  • Insurance is always a solid idea, just in case

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