#HeadsUp: Airport to hold triennial emergency drill Saturday

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    (Riverton, WY) – Central Wyoming Regional Airport will engage in an emergency drill on Saturday, September 18th, beginning at 8 am. This full-scale live exercise will simulate a major airport disaster and test emergency coordination and response skills of the airport and its first responder partners. 

    The drill will not adversely affect United Express flight schedules and will commence after the morning commercial flight departs the airfield. Once the simulated emergency begins, community members should expect to see an increased level of police, fire, and ambulance activity at the airport. 

    “Residents shouldn’t be alarmed by anything they see or hear this Saturday,” explained Paul Griffin, Airport Division Manager. “We are just making sure our skills, which have a shelf-life, remain sufficiently sharp. While we hope to never have an incident at Central Wyoming Regional, our goal is to maintain the highest standard of emergency response coordination so we can save lives and protect property.”

    The emergency preparedness exercise, known as a Triennial, is required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Commercial service airports like Central Wyoming Regional hold the event every three years in order to maintain the necessary certification that allows commercial flights to operate from the airfield. Industry experts will be on-site as evaluators throughout the event and will provide valuable feedback to emergency professionals.

    “I’d like to thank all the members of the many agencies and departments who plan to participate in this valuable training,” said Milan Vinich, event coordinator and Airport Operator. “This exercise builds familiarity, comradery, and partnership – but more importantly, it ensures we are prepared with every possible resource when a timely response is critical.”

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