Headaches? Head to Teton!

    We’ve all been there before. We wake up, go to work, go home to our families, all while suffering from a headache. We take ibuprofen and try other short-term solutions, but that headache always seems to come right back.

    Headaches are frustrating to manage and one of the most common physical complaints. Did you know that headaches and migraines are often triggered by an underlying neck problem? They are frequently caused by stiff muscles, tight joints, and poor posture. Many patients who come to Teton with neck symptoms will also report frequent headaches, unaware that the two may be connected.

    There are great solutions for almost every type of headache. One treatment our therapists can use is called “dry needling.” For those who have never had dry needling done, it is a technique that clinicians use to provide relief to tight muscles. Dry needling helps relieve headaches by reducing muscle tension, improving pain control, and releasing trigger points. The best part is…all of our therapists are certified to do dry needling.

    Alleviating headaches with physical therapy is extremely effective and can help provide quick relief.

    Put down that bottle of ibuprofen, stop rubbing those temples, and call Teton Therapy to schedule your free consultation.

    The only thing you have to lose are those headaches.


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