Grand Teton National Park visitation numbers had second busiest November in park history

    (Moose, WY) – Grand Teton National Park statistics show that November 2021 was the second busiest November on record for recreation visits.

    The park hosted an estimated 61,674 recreation visits in November 2021.

    This is a 28% increase from November 2019 and an 8% increase from November 2020. 


    The park has hosted over 3.8 million recreation visits so far this year and surpassed the busiest full year on record back in September.

    From January to November 2021, there was a 9% increase in recreation visits compared to the entire year of 2018, which previously hosted the park’s highest amount of visitation on record with 3,491,151 recreation visits.

    November recreation visits over the last several years:

    • November 2021— 61,674
    • November 2020— 57,039* COVID-19 pandemic
    • November 2019— 48,132
    • November 2018— 44,651
    • November 2017— 45,496
    • November 2016— 50,508

    Additional data on National Park Service visitor-use statistics is available here.


    Park staff are analyzing data and studies conducted over the summer to better understand changing visitation trends and to identify issues and opportunities to be addressed in Grand Teton National Park.

    More information on those trends and issues will be shared with stakeholders and the general public in the coming months.

    Grand Teton looks forward to welcoming visitors this winter.


    Learn to plan like a park ranger by following our list of the Top 10 Tips you should know before visiting the park.

    Limited services and seasonal road and wildlife closures make a winter visit far different than a summer experience. Plan ahead, recreate responsibly, and help ensure this iconic landscape may be enjoyed by future generations.


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