Got tech questions?? Get them answered on County 10’s LIVE Tech Q&A with Wind River Internet

We get a lot of questions at County 10.

The majority don’t even have to do with news…they’re about your Facebook accounts, your computers, how to print a document, how to use apps. Questions about all kinds of things come our way. So we’ve teamed up with Wind River Internet to answer all your tech questions!

Depending on response, every week we’ll go LIVE on County 10’s Facebook Page to take and answer your tech questions with Wind River Internet staff. Times will be announced as we can schedule the sessions. We’ll also post the recording on County 10’s news stream so you can catch it later.


We’ll start with a topic and dive a little deeper and then take your questions live and also try to answer your pre-submitted questions. To submit a question, click here.

This week we’ll be live at 2pm on Wednesday, May 27th and talking about “cord cutting.” What does it take to get rid of cable tv forever? Can you really do it? What do you need? Why would you want to?

Submit your questions about this topic and anything else tech related using this form!

See you tomorrow (Wednesday, May 27th) at 2pm on the County 10 Facebook page!

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