Gose wins, Weaver and Whiteplume second at Natrona Indoor

    The opening indoor track meet of the 2023 season had some early outstanding performances by athletes from Riverton and Lander at the Natrona County Invite last weekend. Timing and recording problems delayed results for several days but didn’t diminish the efforts of the Tigers and Wolverines.

    Lander has their own team this season after combining in years past and it was no surprise the hurdling phenom Gage Gose would pick up where he left off last spring in Casper.

    Lander’s Matisse Weaver was runner-up in the 400-meter dash – {h/t Christy Chatfield)

    Gose won the 55-meter hurdles in 7.30 seconds, then added a second-place finish in the 200-meter dash.


    Teammate Matisse Weaver also tallied a runner-up finish in the 400-meter dash for the Tigers.

    Riverton was paced by junior distance runner Kaden Chatfield with a third in the 800-meter run and a fifth in the 1600.

    Kaden Chatfield placed in both the 800 and 1600 meter runss – {h/t Christy Chatfield)

    Hayden Prettyman took fifth place for the Wolverines as well in the 400-meter dash.

    Davis Spoonhunter and Alexander Truax were seventh and eighth in the 3200-meter run, and a trio of Wolverines placed in the field events.


    Watie Whiteplume had an outstanding early season effort in clearing 6-0 to take second in the high jump.

    Kiana Swann and Madison Fossey took a turn in the 1600-meter run – {h/t Christy Chatfield)

    Carson Brost was third in the triple jump and Xavier Garcia eighth in the shot put.

    For the girls, Lander had all the county scorers with Avery Crane and Avery Bever seventh and eighth in the 200-meter dash, and Ellie Kaufman seventh in the 400-meter dash.


    55 Meter Dash: 1. Ashlyn Mundell, ESA 7.03

    55 Meter Hurdles: 1. Nadia Burnett, CE 9.06

    200 Meter Dash: 1. Allie Scribner, KW 27.05, 7. Avery Crane, LAN 28.68, 8. Avery Bever, LAN 28.94 21 heats


    400 Meter Dash: 1. Kendra Upton, CE 1:04.79, 7. Ellie Kaufman, LAN 1:06.73

    Blue Blackburn raced in the 1600-meter run – {h/t Christy Chatfield)

    800 Meter Run: 1. Sydney Morrell, CC 2:19.04

    1600 Meter Run: 1. Sydney Morrell, CC 5:10.35

    3200 Meter Run: 1. Emma York, PIN 12:06.54

    Sprint Medley Relay: Natrona County 5:13.52

    4×200 Meter Relay: 1. Laramie 1:52.41

    4×400 Meter Relay: 1. Natrona 4:25.50

    High Jump: 1. Desirae Jacovetto, DOU 5-0

    Janeisa Whiteplume came down the stretch in the 1600 – {h/t Christy Chatfield)

    Long Jump: 1. Taliah Morris, CE 19-0.75

    Pole Vault: 1. Brinkley Lewis, CC 10-6

    Shot Put: 1. Yeagan Becker, KW 38-7.5

    Triple Jump: 1. Mackenzie Bradach, NC 32-11.25

    Alexander Truax lead his heat in a distance race – {h/t Christy Chatfield)

    55 Meter Dash: 1. Mark Cummings, CE / Brendan Flock, TOR 6.42

    55 Meter Hurdles: 1. Gage Gose, LAN 7:30

    200 Meter Dash: 1. Mark Cummings, CE 23.33, 2. Gage Gose, LAN 23.55

    400 Meter Dash: 1. Slade Hopkins, TOR 53.69, 2. Matisse Weaver, LAN 55.03, 5. Hayden Prettyman, RIV 56.40

    800 Meter Run: 1. Colby Jenks, PIN 1:55.53, 5. Kaden Chatfield, RIV 2:04.24

    1600 Meter Run: 1. Jackson Dutcher, NC 4:33.15, 3. Kaden Chatfield, RIV 4:34.86

    Alandra French entered a turn in the 1600 – {h/t Christy Chatfield)

    3200 Meter Run: 1. Tristan Enders, NC 10:02.73, 7. Davis Spoonhunter, RIV 11:56, 8. Alexander Truax, RIV 12:26.45

    4×800 Meter Relay: 1. Torrington 9:14.93

    4×200 Meter Relay: 1. Natrona County 1:35.31

    High Jump: 1. Lee Kaiden, NC 6-2, 2. Watie Whiteplume 6-0

    Long Jump: 1. Seth Wilson, NC 20-4  

    Pole Vault: 1. Kavin Hoff, NC 13-0

    Shot Put: 1. Tyler Bennick, TOR 47-11, 8. Xavier Garcia, RIV 41-0

    Triple Jump: 1. Kellen McCoul, KW 41-1.5, 4. Carson Brost, RIV 37-11   


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