“Golf for Hospice” Tournament was another successful fundraiser – The winners were…

    This last year has been a year that was like no other. Whether it was personally, professionally, or socially, we were all faced with many challenges. Our local groups and organizations were unable to hold their normal fundraising events and programs.

    Wyoming Community Bank has formed Community Partnerships with several organizations in Fremont County. The first partnership established was with Help for Health Hospice.  Everyone knows what this organization does to help our family and friends during difficult times.

    Our commitment to our community does not end at our Banks’ front door, but more – it begins there. We take pride that we have been able to participate in so many wonderful events throughout the years. Whether it was our WCB family of volunteers taking part and helping out wherever we could or the support that a donation can provide. The 2020 Wyoming Community Bank Golf for Hospice Tournament fundraiser raised $11,900 for Help for Health Hospice.


    We want to thank all our sponsors, volunteers, and participants for making the 2020 Wyoming Community Bank Golf for Hospice Tournament another successful fundraiser. Additional sponsors to this two-day event were Hi Mountain Jerky, Fagnant, Lewis & Brinda, Tom Youtz, and Brad & Sheila McPherson. The Breadboard donated a 6’ sandwich to the person who had the High Gross Men’s score for the Tournament. 

    Winners were:

    Men’s flight:

    • First place gross: Gordon Terhune/Casey Graham
    • Second place gross: Tie between Tim Hill/Jesse Crispin and Nick Vosika/Corte McGuffey
    • First place net: Lars Flanagan/Paul Hult
    • Second place net: Tie between Roger Eder/Lee Stewart and Eli Bebout/Mel Fausset
    • Fourth place net: Mike Ibach/Bill DeLapp
    • Fifth place net: Tie between Kevin Kershisnik/Brian Carr and (WCB’s own) Wyatt Meyer/Dylan Davidson

    Women’s/Mixed Flight:

    • First place gross: Matt Mortimore/Macey Mortimore
    • First place net: Frank Norunner/Pattee Bement
    • Second place net: Debbie Bessey/Ron Fridley
    • Third place net: Tasya Ravellette/Janet Coupens
    • Fourth place net: Loni Freese/Bonny Medow

    Sunday Skins:

    Men’s flight: 

    • No gross skins
    • Net skins ($50 each): Butch Cassity/Talon Yeates (hole #10) and Jason Hayes/Randy Ketring (hole #18)

    Women’s/Mixed flight:

    • Gross skins ($10): Norunner/Bement (hole #10), Kamee Eller/Michelle Luoma (hole #14), Mortimore/Mortimore (Holes 15 and 17)
    • Net skins($20): Mortimore/Mortimore (hole #17) and Bessey/Fridley (hole #18)

    Monday Skins:

    Men’s flight:

    • Gross skins ($70): Terhune/Graham (hole #7), Ibach/DeLapp (hole #2), Eder/Steward (hole #1)
    • Net Skins: ($50): Eder/Stewart (1), Ibach/DeLapp (2), 

    Women’s/Mixed flight:

    • Gross skins ($10): Mortimore/Mortimore (holes 3 and 4), Greg Juneau/Robin Oldman-Teran (hole #1)
    • Net skins ($7.50): Greg Juneau/Robin Oldman-Teran (hole #1), Susan Goetzinger/Tammy Linton (hole #6), Freese/Medow (hole #7), Amanda Nicholoff/Phyllis Penzien (hole #5), Mortimore/Mortimore (hole #4), Bessey/Fridley (hole #8)

    Winners of the 6’ Breadboard sandwich for High Gross Men’s score: JD Watson and Tad Davidson


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