Going to the dentist just got a little bit less stressful – New laser treatment at Rendezvous Dental

    Rendezvous Dental is growing in leaps and bounds! Not only do they have a new office building in the works, Dr. Crane recently acquired a state-of-the-art Solea Laser which makes dental work nearly painless.

    Everything about this new facility is going to be about improving patient experience. And so, along those lines, I couldn’t think of anything that would improve patient experience more than this laser.


    Solea’s breakthrough technology allows you to work without anesthesia for virtually every cavity prep you do, not just selected classes or depths, all in less time than it takes with a drill. You can perform soft tissue surgeries easily when injections, bleeding, sutures, and discomfort are removed from the equation. Solea increases production, provides better outcomes, and delivers an unparalleled patient experience.

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    In layman’s terms, it allows a dentist to treat teeth without having to give anesthetic. You don’t have to use a drill and patients aren’t numb for a long time. The laser itself numbs the tooth. It pulses over 1000 times per second and that pulse numbs the tooth and then the dentist is able to use the laser to remove decay or do whatever they need to do on the tooth. It stays numb for about 15 minutes while the dentist works on the patient. The patient doesn’t have to have the injection and that awful drilling noise is gone. It’s the coolest!

    It’s the most exciting piece of technology that I’ve seen in 15 years of being a dentist.


    Rendezvous Dental is one of just a few places in Wyoming where this technology is available. The laser treatment will be available for patients after January 7th. Going to the dentist just got a lot more fun!

    Rendezvous Dental is located at 312 N. 8th St West in Riverton. The new facility will sit near the intersection of W. Sunset Drive and N. 8th West, directly across from the UPS office and the Teton Athletic Club.

    To make an appointment or get more information on the clinic, call 856-2778.



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