Go from amateur to Grill Master in 10 easy steps – #whatsgrillin

I know nothing of grilling. I’ve done the basic grilling with the burgers and dogs, a steak or two, and maybe some chicken legs. It turns out pretty good most times but I never take the time to improve my sub-par BBQ. A few weeks ago, we started the #whatsgrillin campaign and it officially became my duty to take on grilling and everything about it. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

  1. Apparently, it takes patience and practice to learn all the tricks of the trade. Who knew?
  2. Lubing up a grill is a thing and it’s an important thing but also a controversial topic.
  3. A clean grill is a happy grill.
  4. There are so many grilling accessories out there. So many!
  5. One visit to Porter’s in Riverton and you will become hooked on grilling accessories. It’s like the Ulta of the BBQ world.
  6. I know nothing but am eager to learn.

So…I scoured the Internet, took notes and learned all I could to help YOU become the master of your grill. This is it! The summer to become the Grill Master you always knew you could be.

Clean your grill
I said it before and I’ll say it again. A clean grill is a happy grill. And meat grilled on a clean grill is happy meat. Happy meat always tastes better. Get scrubbing!


Charcoal, gas, pellets, or wood chips – Know your grill
Everyone has a preference. Now get passionate about that preference and learn all you can about the heat you’re using to cook your meat. Become a master of that!

Should you oil your grate?
This is a very controversial topic online. Top chefs disagree and everyone has an opinion. Seasoning your grill grates at the beginning of the BBQ season or on a new grill is very beneficial. Beyond that the discussion is ongoing. Some people oil the grates each time they grill and others say to oil the meat instead. There is lots of information out there on both sides. In this case, Google is your best BBQ tool.

Be prepared
Be extra! In this case, it’s a good thing. Make sure you have extra propane, pellets, wood chips, charcoal, whatever you are using to grill. If you run out of something mid-bbq, you don’t have time to run and get more with your meat already on the grill.

Know your meat – Control your heat
Knowing the best cuts of meat and where to get them is step one in great BBQ. Step two is knowing how to best grill that meat on the heat source you use. Then chillax! People tend to open the grill way too often which lets out the precious heat cooking your meat.


Here’s a great video for tips on grilling perfect meat.

Don’t forget the veggies!
We always talk about the best ways to grill meat but what about the veggies? This is where great grill accessories can come into play. You can grill anything with the proper tools. Grill baskets and grill mats are great for veggies. Don’t have those? Find them at Porter’s in Riverton. For tips on grilling veggies, click here.

Accessorize for success
Visit your local grilling specialist, Porter’s in Riverton, and peruse the wide variety of grill accessories. You will be amazed! Know the saying, dress for success? Dress your grill for success! Go take a look. You’ll thank me later.


Make sure you’re hydrated
Grilling season is typically hot and you wouldn’t want to get heatstroke while creating your masterpiece. The grill master needs refreshments! Stock the cooler and keep your fave drink on hand.

Try something new
Grilling something new and original keeps you on your toes! It also helps you learn your craft with new and exciting recipes. Get creative and have fun! Here are some recipes to get you started on your out-of-the-box grilling journey.

Grill and Snap!
Don’t forget to enter the Porter’s BBQ Battle. Because the best part is, on the way to grill masterdom, you can win some fabulous prizes by simply posting a photo of your grilling amazingness. Don’t forget to tag Porter’s in your photo and use the hashtag #whatsgrillin.


Special challenge!

Be the first one to visit Porter’s and say, “I wanna be a grill master!” Win a grilling apron stuffed with tons of goodies to help you expand your BBQ skill.


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