‘Girl Scouts of Wyoming’ cookie season upon us

If you’re like me and many people out there, knowing when you can get your hand on some Girl Scout Cookies is key. You have to stock up and throw those thin mints in the freezer, right? Well, the season is almost upon us.

February 5th is when the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming will start rolling out those delicious cookies and remember it is all for a great cause. I saw on the 10 Trades page on Facebook that people were inquiring weeks ago about getting cookies and I am assuming you can pre-order.

Girls Scouts of Montana and Wyoming have various outlets for young ladies out there, from outdoor adventures to virtual educational programs. Buying cookies helps the program instill important life skills in the youth involved.


Luckily for those of us in Fremont County, we have a large amount of Girl Scouts, which means there will not be a shortage of young gals to help but if for some reason you can’t find one or rather one contact you, the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming do have a submission form for you to request some cookies. Check it out here.

So what are the top-selling Girl Scout cookies? According to the website for Girl Scouts of America:


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