Get to know your provider at Wind River Cares – Yuleta Marta, FNP & Lindsey McAuley, PA

Wind River Family & Community Health Care is proud to highlight its providers and showcase the expanded excellence of care it provides to the community. Today we are excited to introduce you to Yuleta Marta, FNP and Lindsey McAuley, PA.

Yuleta Marta, FNP

My name is Yuleta Marta. My family and I moved here from Texas at the end of 2019, now Wyoming is our forever home. I grew up with parents that worked industrial construction and therefore never really had a “home”. We would move from one job to the next. It may not work for some, but I adapted and loved the new adventures throughout my childhood. 

My husband and I have 2 beautiful children. Our weekends are spent exploring all the wonderful offerings of  Wyoming outdoors; from fishing to rockhounding.


I graduated from the University of Texas with my Masters of Science in Nursing in 2019 and immediately came to Wind River Cares to establish my career where I knew I could have a positive impact on my patients and make a difference in their health. 

You may ask how I came to know about Wind River Cares? My Mom was raised in Jeffrey City, I have 2 older sisters that were born and raised in Riverton and I knew that this is where we needed to be as a family. Giving my children the opportunity that I never had, growing up with their cousins! The biggest blessing that God has given me is the ability to become part of a bigger family both professionally and personally.

Professional: University of Texas, MSN

Lindsey McAuley, PA

Lindsey McAuley has been with us for nearly 3 years! She’s deeply committed to serving the community and is a student of other cultures. As a former PeaceCorps volunteer, she has connections to Namibia where she served for 2 years. It’s a pleasure to taste yak meat when she returns from weddings.  

Within Wind River Cares, she can be found in Ethete as one of the 2 providers whose home is there. When she’s off, she’s practicing her automatic bow skills and honing her aim. She has a love of backpacking, fitness, and outdoor activities.


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