Mayoral Candidate, Richard Gard proposes 4 specific ways we can revitalize Riverton

    My name is Richard Gard and I’m for the citizens of Riverton. The citizens of Riverton wrote me in, secured the signs you see around town, and have written and distributed endorsements in their neighborhoods – all on their own.

    I stand with the concerned citizens of Riverton. We believe in our community. My wife, Debbie, and I are committed to building a better future for Riverton; we’ve raised a family of 6 children here. I’ve partnered a successful business here. We love Riverton and its people. This community can thrive again. Together, we can revitalize Riverton by facilitating economic growth and improving the quality of life.

    Here are 4 specific ways we can build a better future for Riverton:

    1. Restore functioning healthcare: A fully functioning primary and acute care hospital is vital to the health and safety of the citizens of Riverton. I stand with the concerned citizens of Riverton in efforts to restore the full function of our community’s primary and acute healthcare. I will work to do what’s needed to bring proper health care back to Riverton. Together we can improve the quality of health in our community, while supporting our great health care providers. 
    2. Establish a thriving business atmosphere: Riverton is the largest town in Fremont County with the greatest resources for growth. We must capitalize on our strengths. I stand with the tradesmen, entrepreneurs, and businessmen and women of Riverton. With 40 years of hard-earned business experience and success, I understand what it takes to succeed in business. The citizens of Riverton need a business-savvy Mayor, and a business-friendly city government, if we want our beautiful city to thrive again. 
    3. Support the youth: Tomorrow, you vote for our children’s future. Our youth are Riverton’s greatest asset. We need to create an environment that encourages and supports youth activities – academics, sports, and recreation. I want the city of Riverton to know I am with you in these efforts. When I was on City Council, I passed the motion for a $40,000 effort towards the Skate Park. Matt Wright worked hard to bring to our park this new addition. Matt and I personally drove the stakes into the ground marking the spot where it would be built. I have spent the last 25 years, and will continue to spend my time and energy, umpiring and coaching youth baseball, scoring CWC basketball, and doing what is needed to create opportunities for our youth. 
    4. Improve the safety of our community: I have always been a strong supporter of law enforcement in Riverton and will continue to do my level best to support our police officers in improving the quality of life in our town. The citizens of Riverton are uneasy with the crime rate and its devastating economic consequences. The current light-handed approach to crime isn’t working for the citizens of Riverton. Our courageous police officers risk their lives to make Riverton the best place to live; we must support their efforts and allow them to succeed for our city. The citizens of Riverton deserve a safe community.

    Riverton is home. I have nothing but pride and gratitude for this great city and its citizens who have made this experience a blessing in my life. I intend to give back as much as possible.

    Please, join me in building a better future for Riverton – one founded in prosperity, health, and safety. I’ll construct a progressive city government that is business-friendly and accommodating. I’m for the citizens of Riverton. I would be grateful to serve you as Mayor and ask humbly for your vote.

    Richard P. Gard


    Paid for by the Committee to Elect Richard Gard

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