Gannett Peak Elementary celebrated teacher appreciation week with a ‘Survivor Game;’ County 10 accepted the challenge

(Lander, WY) – For Teacher Appreciation Week, Gannett Peak staff played a “Survivor” game using a digital spinner each day for three days, where staff could earn immediate prizes, and were also given daily challenges to complete that would earn points towards being the grand prize Survivor.

h/t Vince Tropea photo

Challenges encouraged staff to recognize others, be silly, and spread cheer throughout the building.

Some of the challenges included naming fellow co-workers based on looking at their baby pictures, attempting to recreate a photo of a hippo, impromptu singing, and much more.


“The P.I.E. (Parents Involved in Education) group was instrumental in helping the principals with gathering prizes from local businesses across Lander. Their support was greatly appreciated,” commented Gannett Peak Principal Megan Park.

During the week, several fun visitors were involved in the challenges and stopped by GPE to take honorary spins, including Superintendent Dave Barker, Mayor Monte Richardson, and even County 10.

Chanin Thomas, a K-1 SpEd Resource Paraprofessional at the school, reached out to County 10 for a challenge that involved asking a local media outlet to stop by and take a spin.

h/t Gannett Peak Elementary photo

We accepted, and County 10 reporter and Coffee Time host Vince Tropea stopped by to give the wheel a spin, ironically first landing on the exact same challenge that Thomas received.

Ultimately, Tropea got to spin again and come up with his own challenge to add to the list, which was “Give your co-worker a snack or treat with zero context or explanations, and make it as weird as possible.”


The grand prize winner for the school ended up being Janet Winger.

Congrats Janet, Gannett Peak Elementary and all teachers and school workers, especially during appreciation week!

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