Game and Fish proposes reduction in antelope license quotas for 2021 season

(Lander, WY) – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is proposing to reduce antelope license quotas for the 2021 hunting season.

In many hunt areas in the Lander Region, the proposals to cut the quota are due to impacts from the harsh winter conditions in 2018-19 and 2019-20 which was followed by persistent drought conditions in the Region through early March 2021. 

“Across the Lander Region, from Rawlins to Shoshoni, Riverton and Lander, pronghorn numbers have declined, most herds are below objective and doe/fawn ratios are low – some as low as they have ever been,” said Daryl Lutz, Lander Region wildlife coordinator. 


“Most of the cuts in license quotas are doe/fawn licenses. Throughout most of the Region, we were able to maintain the ‘any’ antelope licenses because observed buck/doe ratios were appropriate to do so. Assuming we see good fawn production and survival over the next couple of years, we expect antelope numbers to stabilize and increase to the point where we can reinstitute or raise doe/fawn license quotas again.”

Fluctuations of the number of pronghorn licenses Game and Fish offers is not uncommon. This year, hunters in the Lander Region should expect to see that some doe/fawn license types have been eliminated out of areas entirely while some areas only have proposed reductions. 

“With the reductions, hunters will need to study the proposals and make informed decisions on where to apply,” said Jennifer Doering, license section manager. “If you’ve already applied for an antelope license, make sure you check that the season dates and the quota once finalized at the end of April.”

Lander Region regulation meetings will be held May 11th and 20th at the Lander Regional Office, 260 Buena Vista Dr


For those who cannot attend the Chapter 47 meeting in person on May 11th, you can register for the online webinar here.

For those who cannot attend the meeting for Chapters 4, 22, and 46 in person on May 20th, you can register for the online webinar here.

Copies of the proposed regulations are available on the department website in accordance with Chapter 1 Regulation Governing Access to Public Records.


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