Game and Fish Commission issues statement on former Commissioner

(Cheyenne, WY) – Governor Mark Gordon announced the appointment of Kenneth Roberts to fill the vacant seat on the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission for District #3 on January 27th. The information released by Governor Gordon did not shed light on why there was a vacancy on the Commission.

Today, Wyoming Game and Fish Commission President Pete Dube released a statement in regard to former District #3 Commissioner Mike Schmid.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission thanks former Commissioner Mike Schmid for his service on the Commission over the last four years. Mike was energetic, passionate, and worked diligently as a Commissioner. His service on the commission has led to many significant accomplishments including heightened awareness and action on wildlife road crossings and the establishment of the WYldlife Fund which will benefit wildlife for years to come.


“Mike’s actions on some occasions, unfortunately, conflicted with actions that the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission had voted on and enacted. The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has always supported and encouraged unfettered spirited debate from the public, the Department, and Commissioners during the numerous public meetings held by the Department and during Commission meetings. The expression of many opinions and voices lead to sound Commission and Department action. Mike was an integral part of those discussions. Commissioner Schmid, on several occasions, made public statements in writing, via social media, and in-person that were directly contrary to votes and actions taken from Commission as a whole. That type of behavior, unfortunately, undermined the actions of the Governor, the Commission, and led to confusion and problems in enacting the mandates found to be important by the Commission and the Department. Mike’s failure to support the duly enacted Commission actions has harmed the important actions taken by the Commission, the Department, and the Governor.    

The Commission hopes that Mike Schmid continues to be involved in the numerous issues important to wildlife and Wyoming citizens. Mike’s voice is important, and he may be an even more effective advocate when he is free to follow whatever position he may believe in and not be bound by the decisions made collectively by the seven members of the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission. All members of the Commission and the amazing employees of the Wyoming Game and Fish possess every ounce of passion that Mike has expressed for Wyoming’s amazing wildlife and wild places. The management of those wildlife resources requires that after spirited intelligent and informed debate by the public, the Department, and the Commission, the action publicly voted on and enacted by the Commission must be followed and respected. No Commissioner or Department employee should be allowed to undermine the important actions taken by the Commission or the Governor.


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