Gamble’s is hiring! Working with Shane is going to be your dream job 😀

Hey everybody! Boy, I’ve missed you.

We’ve been keeping a low profile here at Gamble’s, because you know, COVID sorta messed up – everything. BUT, we’re still doing what we do AND we need you to come do it too!

We’re adding a position to the store. That’s right, we’re growing! We reeeeally need help with delivery, assembly, and cleaning. A “Jack of all trades” so to speak.

Are you self-motivated? Apply.

Are you anti-social? Don’t apply.

Do you like seeing people smile when you deliver their new couch or whatever-they-bought? Apply.

Do you hate those little wrenches that come with furniture assembly? Don’t…well, maybe think twice. It’s actually pretty fun, but yes, there are many many little wrenches 🙂

Do you want two weeks paid vacation? Apply.

Do you hate having a 401(k) plan? Don’t apply (psst…. that means we offer a 401(k) plan)

Do you like an active job that keeps you in shape and on the move? Apply….I can’t promise that you’ll stay in shape. If you eat half a Bruce at Tony’s everyday for lunch, I can’t help you with your fitness, maybe cut back to a couple slices!

So, in short….Gamble’s is awesome. We’re hiring a new delivery person who will also help with assembly, cleaning, warehouse stuff, etc. If you’ve got a clean record, you’re personable and can bend, lift, stretch, laugh and put up with me? We’d love to have you come by and fill out an application! We’re at 420 Main in Lander. See you soon!

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