FTG’s Lander team gives $2,000 to three local entities to help with COVID-19 impact

In the spirit of the holiday, Fremont Therapy Group in Lander invites you to join them in helping organizations that help our communities. Our community’s non-profit organizations have been hit hard this year with funding deficits. Let’s rally together to support these entities that continue to help so many of our community members in their time of need.

We encourage community members who are able to join us in helping Almost Home, First Stop Help Center, and the Lander Senior Center.

If you aren’t in a place to donate there are many ways you can help these organizations.


The Lander Senior Center is a huge source of support for Seniors in the community. With Covid-19, seniors and community members are no longer able to gather at the center for their daily meals. Now, the center delivers 165-190 meals to the community every day. They are in need of materials to deliver those meals safely.

How you can help:

  1. Write letters that can accompany lunches and brighten the recipient’s day.
  2. Volunteers needed to ride along in the Senior Bus and deliver meals. You don’t need a vehicle.
  3. Send a donation that can help cover the cost of packaging material used to deliver meals, safely.
  4. You can purchase meal tickets and/or bus tickets for family members for Christmas.
  5. Call 332-2746 to find out how you can help!

If you need help:

  1. You can call 332-2746 for free meals, free local rides, and more.

Lander’s First Stop Help Center is a “first stop” for families and individuals in crisis. They help people facing homelessness or who have been hit hard by COVID-19. Their most important goal is to help people achieve financial stability and long-term sustainability.

Deanna Trumble, Director of First Stop Help Center says this year has changed everything. People who have donated in the past are now in need.


“We are seeing more middle-class families who have never asked for help before. Their hours have been cut at work, they’ve lost their job, or they still had a job but the bus systems in Lander shut down and they weren’t able to get to their job, “ said Trumble. “Every person and industry has been hit in some way. We are here to help them stay afloat.”

How can you help?

  1. Donate items like laundry soap, shampoo, cleaning supplies, household items, pots, pans, dishes. They can be used but in good shape.
  2. Make a monetary donation.
  3. Call 332-2877

If you need help:

  1. You can apply online for assistance with rent, utilities, etc.

Website: https://www.firststophelpcenter.org/campaign-2

  1. Email [email protected].
  2. Call 332-2877

“It’s crazy how generous the Lander community is even in these hard times. SO many people have stepped up and helped,” said Deanna. “My heart goes out to those who struggle and have to ask for help. We are here with nothing but compassion to get them what they need. If their tire blows out, they can’t pay a utility bill, they’re struggling to afford basic necessities, we’re here for them, no questions asked.”

Deanna added that people just want to feel normal in these strange times. Earlier this year they were able to raise $10,000 with help from the Cares Act, Challenge for Charities, and more. The $10,000 went to Chamber Bucks to use at local restaurants. Getting a pizza for their kids, or a dinner locally can help the family feel normal again. As well as put that money back into the economy which has been hit so hard this year.

Almost Home helps provide safe and secure housing for people who are homeless and desire to work toward their own home. COVID-19 has hurt people who have never needed it in the past.

Where Almost Home used to help 10-12 families per month, they now help upwards of 25 or 30, and they get 4 or more calls per week. People they help are often without a job or opportunity to work and on the brink of eviction. Almost Home works hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. They pay the first few months of rent to get the family on their feet and then slowly start to charge rent.

How you can help:

  1. Almost Home is in desperate need of places they can rent for their clients. Homes, apartments, mobile homes, etc. If you have a rental and are looking for a dependable renter that will always pay on time, reach out!
  2. Donate household items (other than clothes), can openers, furniture, etc. Call Lucy Cone to see if your item is something that they could use.
  3. Monetary donations help keep their clients in a safe environment. Please mail any checks to PO BOX 44 in Lander or call Lucy.

Phone: 503-679-3123
Website: http://almosthomewyoming.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlmostHomeWy

If you need help:

Are you on the brink of eviction? Please call Lucy at 503-679-3123. They will work with you and your family to make sure you don’t have to worry.

It is Fremont Therapy Group’s goal to raise as much money and education as possible for these valuable organizations that help so many of our community members in need.

If you feel inspired to give, please contact the above organizations or reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

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