Frontier Ambulance promotes Diane Lane to Director of Operations

    Frontier Ambulance has promoted Diane Lane to director of operations for Frontier Ambulance’s ambulance service operation in Fremont County, Wyoming. Lane has worked in EMS in the Fremont County for 13 years and served in leadership for more than a decade.

    “EMS systems work best when its local leaders are empowered to serve their home community and daily decisions are made quickly and close to the patients, hospital customers and communities,” said Priority Ambulance West Region President Alan Smith. “Diane has a passion for serving the community that is necessary to deliver superior emergency services in Fremont County. She understands every aspect of the history and function of the local EMS system and has dedicated years to building collaborative relationships within the County, health care partners, employees and the community – a coalition that is critical to overcoming the unique challenges of rural EMS. We look forward to supporting Diane and the Frontier team in their mission of service.”

    Frontier Ambulance was founded in 2021 to serve Fremont County with 9-1-1 emergency response and to provide interfacility ambulance service to local medical facilities and hospitals. In its first year of service, Frontier Ambulance is on pace to respond to more than 9,000 9-1-1 calls. Fremont County is the company’s first expansion into the state of Wyoming. As Director of Operations, Lane will oversee all aspects of ambulance service for the county and will report directly to the West Region President.


    “Fremont County is my home, and I have been fortunate to work alongside a talented, professional team of EMTs, paramedics and support staff in protecting my community for more than a decade,” said Lane. “I am excited about the future of EMS in Fremont County and look forward to championing programs and initiatives that elevate the quality of care to our patients, improve the health of our community and promote sustainability of ambulance services.”

    Over a 13-year career in EMS in Fremont County, Lane advanced quickly in leadership. Lane received her EMT-Basic certification in 2009 and immediately began working on an ambulance in Fremont County with the county-owned service. In 2012, she advanced her certification to become and EMT-Intermediate, a clinical certification that she maintains today. In Wyoming, the EMT-Intermediate scope of practice allows the ambulance to be upgraded to an advanced life support (ALS) level care. At that same time, she was also promoted to lieutenant supervising 25 field-level EMS crewmembers.

    In 2014, Lane was promoted to division supervisor for Fremont County Ambulance overseeing the full emergency and nonemergency ambulance operations. When the county entered a public-private partnership for ambulance service in 2016, she transitioned to the selected county contractor and continued to lead the Fremont County ambulance service building relationships with county leadership and overseeing operations to maintain performance.

    In July 2021, she joined the Frontier Ambulance team as operations manager leading the transition of the new EMS system. In the past year, Lane has assisted with hiring and training initiatives that have stabilized local EMS staffing. Lane and the Frontier Ambulance team instituted free training programs to community members to receive an emergency medical responder (EMR) certification extending the reach of EMS by enhancing first responder capabilities. The company has plans to begin offering an EMT-Basic course in the county in the coming months.


    Frontier Ambulance is the company first expansion into the state of Wyoming and Lane will report directly to Lane has been an American Heart Association BLS Instructor for six years. She has worked closely with the AHA and its Mission: Lifeline standards to increase recognition of STEMI heart attacks in the field, as well as to set guidelines for applying 12-lead ECGs and activating STEMI alerts to local hospitals in advance of incoming ambulances. STEMIs, or ST-elevation myocardial infarction, is a severe and time-sensitive cardiac emergency where accurate recognition and intervention in the field and quick transport to a catheterization lab make significant impact on positive patient outcomes.

    Lane has lived in Western Wyoming for nearly 15 years. She currently resides in Fremont County with her husband, and her children and grandchildren continue to live in Fremont County.


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