Fremont Therapy talks high risk jobs. Guess what? It’s yours.

    If you have ever or are currently working a desk job, you know how hard it is to get up and move during the day. It can be stressful to hear and see research supporting the idea that “sitting is the new smoking” especially if you spend 98% of your work day in front of your computer.

    Fremont Therapy Group wants to help you get moving! We have been there. Half of our employees are on their feet all day and very active, while the other half are tied to their desks with theraband. Kidding. But they are sitting for a huge portion of their day which can be problematic. Just ask Stacey from our Green River clinic.

    The Get Moving Campaign

    Stacey wasn’t the only one struggling with sitting at their desk all day, so we decided to implement the movement jar, company-wide.

    Some of the exercises in the movement jar included a 30 second wall sit, 30 squats, 30 wall push ups, drink 8 oz water and step outside for 5 deep breaths of fresh air, theraband monster walks.

    As a result, our employees say they were able to focus better, had less pain and there was an overall increase in well being and work productivity.

    The Get Moving Campaign was a simple, fun way to get the blood flowing and combat the “sitting disease” in our offices.


    Now it’s your turn!

    Fremont Therapy Group wants to help you avoid injury AND get you motivated. We challenge you and your co-workers to start a Get Moving Campaign in your office.

    If this is something you’d like to implement at your job, but need a little help to get going, email [email protected] and we will help you Get Moving.

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