Fremont Therapy Group’s Riverton team donates $2,000 to help 4 non-profits impacted by COVID-19

FTG’s Riverton crew is donating $500 to ABBA’s House, $500 to CATs Children’s Museum, $500 to Riverton’s Senior Center, and $500 to Eagles Hope Transitions. 

In the spirit of the holiday, Fremont Therapy Group invites you to join them in helping out organizations that help our communities. All of our non-profit organizations have been hit hard this year with funding deficits. Let’s rally together to support these entities that continue to help so many of our community members in their time of need. 

We encourage community members who are able to join us in helping these organizations. 

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The Riverton Senior Center is a huge source of support for Seniors in the community. With Covid-19, seniors and community members are no longer able to gather at the center for their daily meals. Now, the center delivers 115-140 meals to the community every day and around 15-30 curbside meals. They want to remind people the center is closed but they are here for anyone who needs it. So please call. 

How you can help: List

  1. Write letters that can accompany lunches and brighten the recipient’s day.
  2. Send a donation that can help cover the cost of packaging material used to deliver meals, safely. 
  3. You can purchase meal tickets and/or bus tickets for family members for Christmas. 
  4. Call 307-856-6332 to find out how you can help! 

Ways they can help you: 

  1. Free daily meals delivered right to your door
  2. They can pick up your prepaid groceries and deliver them to you
  3. They can provide rides to your therapy and doctor appointments Call: 856-3546
  4. Call 307-856-6332 to sign up for their meal delivery service

Eagles Hope Transitions provides residents of Fremont County a way to help create, build, and transition back into their families and/or their communities.  With knowledge, skills, and guidance they require to access and utilize needed services to become healthy, productive members of Fremont County. They provide a safe and sober living environment that allows all people to maintain dignity and respect, and long-term personal and financial sustainability. 

In addition to a lot of their residents losing their jobs due to COVID-19, it has been a very difficult year to do any fundraising. These funds help keep them afloat during the year. 


How you can help: 

  1. Send donations directly to 720 W Main in Riverton
  2. Donate items that could help these families and individuals transition into their lives. Examples: clothing, socks, underwear, pillows, sheets, small appliances, kitchen items, cleaning supplies, paper 
  3. Call 307-463-2020 or drop off at 720 W. Main in Riverton. 

This helps all of Fremont County.

If you need help: 

  1. Please call 307-463-2020  
  2. Facebook page:
  3. Website:

“We’re just a little grassroots formed organization that has been around for 3 years and I’m always amazed, it’s by the grace of God, other community members and organizations that see the good we do and donate to us that we are still here. We are so appreciative of everyone who has helped,” said director Michelle Widmayer.

Depending on your situation, pregnancy may bring joy or the weight of the world crashing down on your shoulders. Either way, we can help provide answers to your questions. Though none of your choices may be easy, with the proper information you can make an informed decision.

COVID-19 has made it hard for ABBA’s house to do their fundraisers but they do currently have an auction on their Facebook that ends on Friday. These donations go toward diapers, formula, clothes, baby items, furniture, and more. 

ABBA’s House has a custom made mobile unit that has been held up due to COVID-19 but it will allow them to help give ultrasounds in outlying areas of Fremont Co for free. 

How you can help: 

  1. Donate items like winter baby clothes, slightly used furniture (changing tables, strollers, bouncy chairs, etc. Call 307-856-0999 to let them know you’re coming. 
  2. Purchase items on their baby registry
  3. FB auction that ends Friday:
  4. Send a donation to 2420 Watt Court in Riverton.
  5. Donate via their website:

If you need help: 

  1. Call 307-856-0999
  2. ABBA’s House provides free ultrasounds, free STD testing treatment, parenting classes, and more.
  3. Everything is completely confidential. 
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The Central Wyoming Children’s Center for Art, Technology, & Science focuses on bringing children and adults together to discover, play and enrich their understanding/appreciation of the arts, technology, and sciences to promote an enhanced quality of life and a stronger central Wyoming community. 

The museum shut down in March due to COVID-19. They are still closed to the general public but have started opening for private events, birthday parties, etc. This is a great, safe way to get your friends and family together to experience CATS Children’s Museum. And it allows the museum to control the numbers of visitors as well as keep it sanitized. 

Local organizations and donations have helped keep CATS afloat during these hard times. Paragraph

How you can help:
1. Schedule a private party by calling 307-709-0360 or 307-840-1488
2. Mail donation to 120 S 3rd in Riverton
3. Follow them on Facebook

“Thanks to help from the community, we will still be here when we have the safe and clear to open. We miss everyone. When we enter the museum it’s chilly and dark and quiet. It has been sad when we are used to a bright and noisy environment. We will be back. And for now, we are happy to welcome you for a private event,” says Tami Galitz.

It is Fremont Therapy Group’s goal to raise as much money and education as possible for these valuable organizations that help so many of our community members in need. 

If you feel inspired to give, please contact the above organizations or reach out to [email protected] to learn more. 

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