Fremont Therapy Group’s Mitch Johnson – PT and Certified Hand Therapist: now serving patients in Lander

Human hands are unique. No other creature in the world has hands that can grasp, hold, move, and manipulate objects like human hands. They are one of your greatest assets, and, as such, must be protected and cared for.

At Fremont Therapy Group, Mitch Johnson is a physical therapist (PT, MPT, CHT) who is also certified in hand therapy.

A CHT has the expertise to treat patients with upper extremity issues and must earn certification through the National Association of Certified Hand Therapists. In addition, CHTs must be licensed physical or occupational therapists for a minimum of three years, have at least 4,000 hours of clinical experience working with upper extremity conditions, and pass a rigorous certification exam, making this one of the more difficult certifications to achieve. 

Mitch has more than a decade of clinical experience in orthopedic physical therapy and has a special interest in working with patients whose upper extremities have been affected by an accident, trauma, or disease.

In 2011, Mitch earned his Certified Hand Therapy certification from the nationally recognized Hand Therapy Certification Commission. As a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT), he specializes in the treatment of the upper extremity and has achieved the highest level of competency in the profession. 

Your hands are incredible tools and we want you to have an optimal function so you can enjoy all the activities you love!

For more information about this service or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact:

Address: 8168 Highway 789 Lander, Wyoming, 82520
Phone: (307) 332-5240

Address:  2002 W. Sunset Drive #1 Riverton, WY, 82501
Phone: (307) 856-7021

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